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A do not disturb sign at a Gol Course emphasizing private propertyIt took me a while to figure out what the project was. O-sint? Then another source published it without the hyphen. OSint? OSINT! Far from being the code name of some newfangled Op by Delhi Police, it is a term straight out of the US_NSA penchant for alphabet soup acronyms. Right up there with SIGINT, USMIL and CONUS. Another source is of the belief that Osint stands for Open Source Intelligent system or something.

Regardless of what it stands for, some things are crystal.

  1. Cops are not going to give up on collecting intel.
  2. Nor should they. If cops don't monitor openly available intelligence, they are fools. The surprising part is that it took such a long time, while they were ****ing about with privacy invasions.
  3. Corporate puppeteers of the government see this as a money earning opportunity, and there are talks of bids by IT companies. I suppose this will get call centerized, unless smarter people can mess it up.
  4. Fundamentally, Open Source Intelligence is publicly available information. The source of the information is public - open. Get it? Neither cops nor the supposed IT companies do, apparently, because several news reports talk about confusions about the extent to which privacy will be invaded, private websites open to members only, and such things. Clearly non-public info. I think by this point the need to invade privacy must be overwhelmingly compulsive. I don't think any arm of sarkar can bear to not try and find out the color of your underwear.

Now here are the pitfalls. Or in other words, here is why elevated citizens of the world must attempt to wreck this project before it spends too many public funds.

  • Considering the confusions about extent of invasions of privacy on a project named OSINT, it is clear that the cops or their lackeys (or owners, depending on how you see it) monitoring the internet is like the good, isolated, naked tribals of Andaman islands coming to Delhi to protest the Uttarakhand flood. In other words, what the fuck? Notice, no one will question the *right* of the Andamanese to go and protest where they like, just like the cops have their self given right to mess with whoever they want, but it is neither their area of knowledge, nor their normal role in the scheme of things.
  • The talk about purchased data and access to Facebook, etc clearly mean that special, non-public access will be seeked and whatever entity ends up winning the bid will have the kind of access to information that governments get. Yep, a freaking call center will have the comments ou made about your boss when drunk. Bye bye job (or pay - a way will be found to monetize this opportunity. Capitalism works thus). Combine this with the information that a lot of these entities have sister concerns with utilities like phones, electricity and soon banking, your guess is as good as mine what the "collection calls" of the future will be like.
  • And before someone points out that it will be illegal to grab private inormation for the purpose of making threats, well, making threats and harrassment for extortion is illegal already. Not that it stops our revered collection agents. Who is to say that collection departments will not be outsourced specially to IT companies with access to your jugular vein? Surely recovering pending payments (heck random extortion too) will be easier if your deep secrets are known to the guys making threats? Just good business sense, I guess. Not like ethics or rights matter here. This is yet another instance where private entitites are poised to have alarming access to private information about citizens. And this time, it is not even something as inconvenient to use as biometrics.
  • Considering the state of our media house monopolies and mouthpiece politics, who is to protect anyone from those guilty of breaking laws from the firm (and its owners, and sister concerns, and their neighbours, friends and the niece's dog)? Hain? Notice the bright treatment Amaresh Misra got after his death threats and rape threats? Yep. Zero censure. Now we can extend this list to owners of the call centers and whoever else "knows someone's uncle or politician" - this is Delhi we are talking of, after all.
  • Delhi Police setting up the agenda for any online policing is absurd, because they are not internet savvy, they are not democracy or human rights savvy and they are extremely likely to upload porn clips and child torture clips themselves and will probably destroy anyone who objects (they have the password to your jugular, remember?). Delhi Police and law enforcement is already like an axe in the hands of a monkey.

So what can be done? Something clearly needs to be done and neither a Dilli Pulis approach nor a call center approach will be *effective*. I mean imagine a reply like "We are really sorry, but the person who is posting naked photos of you could not be found. Change your passwords and call us again if the problem continues, we live to serve, etc" or worse "girls want their photos admired on porn sites, but say harrassment if someone recognizes them" or something.

A better way would be to create a two step fix that is truly democratic and, actually capitalist as well. Incidentally, it makes no sense for this to be a Delhi Police project. The internet hardly knows boundaries. A national level something that collaborates with CBI/NIA or some such would be better. Or it can be autonomous.

The first step is the creation of a body that is truly familiar with the internet. A good balance of security consultants, coders, bloggers, activists (of all hues), e-commerce/banking specialists and social media ninjas will be ideal. It should be more a collective (as in everyone works hands on and has a specialization) as opposed to sarkari organization of anonymous interchangeable drones (babu-dom). Anyone whose voice doesn't reach a few thousand people a day using the internet should not even be considered (there goes the sarkari crony-capitalist plan).

This collective must be organized to address the variety of security issues on the internet - beyond mere collecting public info (call center method). There is a need for proactive assessments, intuitive support design, assessment of complaints or observed issues, assigning to appropriate action - tracking to real life identities, including organizing brute force retaliation (deleted profiles, bocked accounts or trolling into oblivion) on the internet for entities that cannot be traced to real identities for arrest.

The other step would be to create a bounty system for what Anyonymous calls dox-ing for people whose real identities cannot be traced by regular methods. Post an online bounty to be paid to whoever can provide real identity (with evidence). If the accused is arrested, the money gets paid. If the bounty is paid in bitcoins, far superior talent is likely to be found, not to mention incentive for youth to develop serious skills, awareness and ethics for pocket money. Bounties should also be offered for discovering of online pedophiles, cyber criminals, terrorists and such. Always on the basis of actionable evidence.

Such a system would cost far less than what a corporation would bid (someone has to pay for air-conditioned buildings and every scrap of new tech). It would also engage the most skilful and optimally placed talent in tasks they specialized in, as opposed to 50 hackers backed by a revolving door team of 5000 stenographers and nice voices on phone who take a week to answer email.

Here are things I need done. Kindly do the needful.

  • Quit aping the west on the dehumanization, and instead copy the concept of safe houses. You can't do shit for women unless you can offer those in trouble a safe place to stay.
  • Have special courts for women's rights abuse. Setting them up will be a statement in itself that you are taking women's rights seriously. And trust me, we have enough fodder to keep them in business for a long time.
  • Get conviction rates happening. in 2008-2009, over 40% of women marring were under 18 years of age. Only 111 complaints happened. Out of that, a pathetic 11 got convicted, and ZERO came to public attention. Go spectacular. Think women's rights world cup or something. Don't wait for complaints. Hunt 'em down, prosecute, convict spectacularly. Watch the numbers deflate.
  • Same thing for dowry. I have written a post earlier on how to defeat dowry. Take it seriously. Implement it also for child marriages (earlier point). Take the war on their turf - to use a Bushism.
  • When a the Minister for Women and Children is caught on camera watching porn in the assembly when another serious human issue of drought is being debated, and when the state is fooling around asking for questions, fucking intervene. Prime Minister, President, whoever. Get these guys unceremoniously sacked and banned from public office. Not asked for explanations and asked to resign, as thought they have a choice, and there are good answers if these people can find them.
  • Educate police officers on Human Rights. Soni Sori's torture is one thing. Last time I called cops to help when the husband got drunk and abusive, they thought I was making a fuss. The husband agreed next morning that he had been unacceptably obnoxious. Cops told his friend to ask me to be reasonable. And yeah, the husband also insulted the cops, for which they did get pissed with him, but not for something minor like domestic abuse. This is how women commit suicide, you know? When they are refused support. I read a recent story of a woman who suffered from domestic abuse and jumped herself and child from the 12th floor and was grateful our windows have fixed grills for my blacker moments.
  • Make sexual harassment a non-bailable offense. We really don't need those creeps out on the streets unless their innocence is proven.
  • Up the punishment on rapes, women/children/dalit's rights abuse [three massive areas of shame] and human rights abuses in general. Keep castration and hanging both on the table for severe crimes and make sure there are at least a few every year. Trust me, we have enough criminals to run short and the lives you save will be more useful than the lives you take. *more on this later. **and more
  • Start awards for people who defend women's rights. Regular citizens who do extraordinary things.
  • Media. Make every serious rape conviction mandatory to be reported in media. As in, get some eyeballs on those castrations and hangings. Not the actual executions of the judgments of course, but the fact that they happened. That will do more to prevent rapes than the rest of this entire list.
Seriously, DO THIS. Right now, it doesn't feel like the government has a problem with citizens being harmed. You must rise to their protection, not grudgingly process complaints that can't be avoided. That is how safety is created.

* I am actually against the death penalty. I believe we should evolve to a place where we can create a safe space in jails for the reform and rehabilitation of criminals and reintegration into society- no matter how severe the crime. To never take away the possibility that honest change can bring forgiveness and a second chance at life - with appropriate monitoring and safeguards, of course. However, on many things, I have come to realize that there is something called ideal - what you work toward, and something that is real - that will give you results in the here and now. Normally, I never recommend compromising the ideal for a quick fix real, but the security of women and children in India is a National Emergency no one cares to declare. I would rather a rapist be denied the possibility of reform than him being relatively unharmed making the consequences of rape "affordable" to many. Not ideal, yes, but I think three rapists hanged making national  headlines in the country will do more to reduce rape rates than anything we are doing.

The other thing is that for being anti-capital punishment, there needs to be impeccable other punishment. I don't know if there is a court in India with a conviction rate of more than 20%. Most cases are lost due to lack of evidence. In such a situation, it is very easy for a criminal to experience impunity. Overburdened cops with entrenched misogynist attitudes and lack of nurture for developing that capacity cannot create the deterrence against breaking law. Then, the only solution is for the very slight risk to be magnified by making it unacceptably high - to have any deterring effect at all.

** Obviously, the criminals getting irreversible punishment (other than psychological and lost time - which is for all) - punishment like castrations or hanging - should happen in absolutely undeniable crime, which is proved with evidence and there is no room for doubt. But there are some kinds of crimes in particular that I think deserve death and no one should have the power to grant mercy except the victim (every victim of that person, if more than one) - not even the president:

  • Gang rapes. Hang em all. Seriously.
  • Any rapes that result in the victim being hospitalized. Hang 'em. In the case of minors under 16, no one has the right to pardon, since a person under 16 in India isn't legally capable of consent till 16 years of age. Consensual sex under 16 is also considered rape. Same logic should apply.

Other serious punishments should be considered, like children of rape inheriting rapists entire property at the time of rape. Everything the man has. No matter how rich or poor. Though I suppose his dependents may have to be accommodated - not their fault.

Such things. Come down like a ton of bricks, not this insipid and half hearted way, where mostly the cops and judges act like they would like the woman to shut up. A judge actually recommended rape victims marrying rapists as some kind of solution! This won't do.


This may seem extreme, but this is an essential. Kidding you not. We are the fourth worst country in the world to be a woman in and the absolute worst to be a girl child in. We are the largest democracy in the world, and among the top largest countries by population. To have bad rape rates is one thing, our size makes us possibly the top contributors to world women's abuse. If we must run a large country, we must face that to have shoddy human rights makes a massive dent on what humanity is allowed on the planet itself.

We need to get out butts off this list. For ourselves, for the world.


Nadia Shaikh (name changed) was 14 years old, and she went missing from near her home on the 14th of May 2011. She had been taking a walk in a garden around 7:30pm when a man of around 23 to 25 years of age approached her and struck a conversation. Before she realized it, she was in an unfamiliar area, and the man gave her something to eat, which she ate and fell unconscious.

When she regained consciousness, she was in an unfamiliar shanty. This is now known as a shanty near Lotus lake in the Malwani area itself. Her kidnappers raped her for three days initially and then visited her every four or five days when he brought her food and also raped her. Once he forgot her for a week. She was starving, defecating in that room itself and her health deteriorated.

According to her parents there were five men involved in kidnapping and raping her and after the first few days they started fighting over who would bear the expense of feeding her. As a result, she got a vada paav every four to five days. Desperate for food, she ate the vada paav, the paper it was packed in, mud, pieces of her dress...

In the meanwhile, her parents had filed a complaint, but got no progress. They claim the police didn't make enough efforts to find her and instead accused them of not taking enough care of her. Right. Blame the victim.

Nadia's health deteriorated till she was unable to speak or move. The kidnapper decided at this point to abandon her - probably realized that she may die.

Local witnesses speak of a rickshaw slowing near the garden where she was kidnapped from, and throwing her out.

But remember the murders of Keenan and Reuben? Of course, no one got involved. The abused, raped, starving, ill teenage girl lay on the street like a pile of abandoned rubbish all night, till two local women on a morning walk discovered her. They splashed water on her face and got information about her uncle's home nearby and took her there.

And let us not pretend any park in Mumbai is so isolated that no one noticed her.

She was admitted at Bhagwati Hospital where the doctors said they were treating her for various malnutrition related disorders.

In the meanwhile, the parents say that the cops questioned a few people, but didn't do any serious investigating. The five men who kidnapped her are absconding, and the police are playing down the case.

Senior Police Inspector Abdul Rauf Shaikh from the Malwani police station offered a canned statement, "My officers have investigated the leads and recorded the statements of the suspected kidnappers mentioned by the girl's parents. If the girl's family feels that my officers did not conduct adequate investigation, I will look into the matter. Once she
recovers from the trauma, we will record her statement and carry out fresh investigations to nab the culprit."

She died.

Police now say they did all they could have. The accused says she accompanied him willingly. The accused is a minor and has been sent to the Dongri Children's Home.

The father says that she was sexually assaulted. Police say that the girl did not mention it to them. Sources from the forensic medicine department of Nair Hospital say that it is difficult to say if the sex was consensual or forced. Never mind something as silly as the country's laws that say that a person below 16 can't legally give consent for sex. So it is never consensual and hence rape! Also never mind that the girl's condition was not exactly prime.

Medical records say that she had mud and paper in her stomach as well as multiple perforations in her stomach, small and large intestine which her father says is because of it. Police say that she had absominal tuberculosis and lesions were because of that. I didn't know abdominal tuberculosis creates mud and paper in the stomach!

The doctors at Nair hospital said that the perforations could have been because of tuberculosis. In other words, a girl was being treated for a month at Bhagwati Hospital and died of tuberculosis without being treated for it? Sue the hospital too!

Police said that the boy who was seventeen and his sister had even taken her to a hospital. But apparently not bothered to inform her family! Nor taken her properly home at the end of five months.

The police insist she did not die of starvation, but abdominal tuberculosis. Unfortunately for them, here is a quote by a doctor given to MiDDAY:

"Medical investigations are in progress. She is stable, but is severely malnourished, and has lost significant muscle mass, as a result of extreme starvation. We are treating her for a number of starvation-related disorders," said Medical Superintendent C S Gawade from Bhagwati hospital.

No mention of tuberculosis. Surprise!

The police say Umesh Kuria will be charged with kidnapping because she was a minor. How typical of rapes - the man is innocent! This beyond pathetic of the cops. What is the use of eve teasing squads if they cannot recognize rape when they see it?

The other thing is that the boy who is 17 is underage. So he won't get severe consequences. What about his family? Are they not criminals to allow this to happen? And if they didn't know, and he did this whole thing totally without them knowing, then is he really a child?


"It's just another love story and not some crime saga," said Mahesh Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 11).

I suggest that his suspension be just another prevention of justice story and not something to be avoided.


It is difficult to understand truth from lies here, but a few facts are as indisputable as the fact that she died.

  • The accused is the person she was with for five months, and whether she went there willingly or not, she was subjected to rape, imprisonment and starvation. If her consent were valid, it still was domestic abuse that led to death.
  • The police did not find the girl till she was dumped. The attempts they claim are unclear.
  • There is still no mention of the police finding out what the locals around the shanty know.
  • She was dumped on the street in a condition that eventually killed her.
  • She lay on the street without assistance all night.
  • Cops are playing down the crime by mis-stating facts, repeatedly referring to the criminal's status as juvenile while making no efforts to arrest his guardians either who allowed this to happen.
  • Media is not asking anything that makes the cops uncomfortable.

The worst thing probably is that there is no one asking tough questions from the cops, while frustrated friends and family resort to rioting. Media is reporting what the cops say. Holes in the story, discrepancies and downright misinformation by the cops large enough to drive a truck through is not being questioned by the ones to question it.


Raped and starved, missing girl returns five months later

Malwani girl’s death: Medical report awaited

Riot in Malwani following funeral of 14-yr-old girl

Police trying to dilute case, say kin of dead Malwani girl


I have written the initial story of the Amboli attack which led to the murder of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes. Since then, more details and descriptions from various accounts have given a clearer picture.

The two videos from which a lot of information has been collected are at the bottom of the post.

Noting here the events as I understood they happened.

  • On the 20th October 2011, 7 friends went to Amboli Kitchen and Bar for dinner and to watch cricket match on big screen. Keenan Santos, Reuben Fernandes, Avinash Bali, Benjamin Fernandes, Priyanka Fernandes, Shobhita and one more girl were present in the group.
  • On exiting the restaurant, they encountered a group of drunk men standing outside who started making comments about the girls in the group. [Avinash, in video] These men were later identified as Jitendar Rana, Sunil Both, Satish Durgaj and Deepak Piswal.  These are called thugs in the rest of the article for ease.
  • The boys in the group confronted the drunks and slapped them and sent them away. [Avinash, in video]
  • The area was “bustling with life”. Restaurant busy, cafe nearby open, people on the street. Doors to a political party’s office on their right were wide open. [Priyanka, in video, article]
  • As they left, Avinash Solanki heard one of them mutter to Reuben that he would kill him “maar dunga tum logon ko”. He did not think much of it at the time. [Avinash, in video]
  • The thugs returned with more people who were armed with sickles, knives, bamboos, stumps [Priyanka, in video, article] and other weapons and suddenly attacked the group from behind.  [Avinash, in video]
  • Keenan pushed his girlfriend Priyanka toward the restaurant and was almost immediately attacked by the thugs. He fought hard inspite of stab wounds. Perhaps he didn’t realize that he had been stabbed immediately.[Priyanka, in video, article]
  • The girls started screaming for help. There was a crowd of bystanders gathered, but no one came to help. [Priyanka and Avinash in video, Priyanka in article]
  • Avinash saw a glass near by and hit Rana with it, and it cut his forehead, which helped identify him later. [Avinash, in video]
  • Reuben was attacked by several other thugs, and they wrestled Keenan to the ground and kneeled on him to hold him down and stabbed him while he was held immobile and defenseless. [Benji , in video2]
  • Avinash saw a ladder lying near by and picked it and flung it at the four and knocked them off balance and dragged Keenan and Reuben inside the restaurant. [Avinash, in video, also Benji in video2]
  •  According to statements made by Both, Durgas and Piswal, the three, who work as sweepers in Lokhandwala, were attending a party in their locality, when a flustered Rana came running towards them. He told them that he had been beaten up by four men. Not waiting to hear the rest of the story, they rushed to the spot with him. When Durgas got off the rickshaw, he saw a coconut vendor who was wrapping up for the day. “Durgas picked up two knives from the vendor, and handed one to Rana. Both and Piswal were carrying stumps and hockey sticks. Durgas and Rana approached Reuben and Keenan and stabbed them,” said a police inspector at DN Nagar police station. “The other two friends, Avinash Solanki and Benjamin Fernandez were saved, as they were beaten up with hockey sticks and stumps,” added the officer. [Mid DAY]
  • In their statements, the accused have given a chilling account of the manner in which they murdered the youths, the police claimed.According to the accused, who are sweepers at Lokhandwala, there was a birthday party in their locality when Rana came up to them and said he had been beaten up by a group. Rana and three others rushed to the spot, where the two victims were present with their friends.When Durgaj got off the rickshaw, he saw a coconut vendor nearby and picked up two knives and handed one to Rana. “Sunil and Deepak were carrying stumps and a hockey stick. Satish and Rana, without saying a word, approached Ruben and Santos and stabbed them in the stomach,” said V Bhoite, senior inspector from the DN Nagar police station. [Indian Express]
  • Rana, who is the prime accused in the case, allegedly explained to his friends how to “kill with a chopper” as they were leaving the spot, said a source privy to the investigation. [DNA Article]
  • The accused, identified as Satish Durgaj, was allegedly the one who picked up two knives from a vendor and stabbed Santos, the police said. Police officers investigating the case said Durgaj had been arrested by the Amboli police earlier this year in an attempt to murder case. [Indian Express]
  • One waiter from the restaurant helped, all others stayed back, avoided. Rickshaws and taxis didn’t stop. Avinash said on Times Now that the hotel had a staff of about 20-25 people. Perhaps, if they had helped immediately, perhaps they could have saved Keenan and Reuben. Priyanka describes this restaurant as one they went to often and they were known by the staff. The girls were begging for help. [Avinash, in video]
  • He [GM of Amboli Kitchen & Bar] also claimed that his waiters and staff members were unaware that a heinous crime was being committed outside the premises, and helped as soon as they got wind of it … About the allegation leveled by the friends of the deceased that none of the staff members came forward to help them during the violent attack, Bhaiji explained, “Ours is an enclosed restaurant. By the time we realised what was happening, the damage had been done. Everything happened so quickly. As soon as we got wind that one of the boys had been badly injured, one of our waiters pulled him inside the restaurant. He was rushed to the hospital immediately. We have been deeply disturbed by what happened, and have tried to do whatever we can to salvage the situation.  We want to support the cause in whichever manner we can,” he added.[NDTV Article]
  • The girls called 100 for the police. The call was “waiting” It would be another 20 minutes before it got answered. [This has been brought up as a serious security concern several times by different people and it continues to remain a concern] [Priyanka, Avinash, Keenan's father in video, several other sources also DNA Article]
  • Police deny any delay of response and claim that they reached the scene and the hospital immediately after getting the call.
  • Failing to call the police, Priyanka called up Keenan’s father who arrived shortly after Reuben was taken to the hospital and followed there a short time before Keenan died 20 minutes after being admitted. [Keenan's father in video]
  • The police said the murders were so gruesome that Reuben’s friends had to clip his stomach to keep his intestine from falling out and there was a grievous injury near his heart. [DNA Article]
  • The police investigators who went to Valmiki Nagar to arrest the suspects were attacked and beaten back by the friends and relatives of the perpetrators. [Verified, lost link. will update]
  • The police recovered the first knife the same day. [TOI Article]
  • To track down the accused, who were all residents of Valmiki Nagar in Amboli, the DN Nagar police launched a search operation in the locality. They nabbed Rana the same night after seeing injury marks on his face. “We detained 25-30 men from the locality. Rana confessed to the crime and led us to Dulgaj, Both and Deepak,” Vijay Kumar Bhoite, the senior police inspector with DN Nagar police, said. [Mumbai Mirror]
  • Eyewitnesses had said that a dozen men had attacked Keenan and his friends. However, the police, after verifying the facts, have concluded that only the arrested four were involved in the brawl. [TOI article]
  • A day later, Deepak Pisawl was arrested based on location provided by Rana [Indian Express]
  • Reuben was in ICCU since the attack. He underwent three surgeries to repair damage and minimize internal bleeding. However, he finally died on the 31st of October 2011
  • Two nights before he died, some policemen sneaked their way into the ICCU at 1:30am where Reuben was admitted and attempted to interrogate him. Benji only saw them when they were coming out through the ICCU [via DM on Twitter]. They woke Reuben up and he was agitated for the rest of the night and anxious about Keenan (whose death he hadn’t been informed about). [Update and documentby his brother Benjamin on the group page and some Private Messages I can't disclose and now in DNA Article] His health took a turn for the worse and he had to undergo another emergency surgery when the bleeding started again. He died a day later.
  • The hospital has been accused of negligence by family and friends for allowing policemen to enter an ICCU and harass a patient without any authorization. Also, for not having facilities available on the next day because it was a Sunday even though a patient was in a critical condition. The hospital disputes this [DNA Article] However, at least the public updates from the blood donation requests from that time, clearly speak of practical problems created by policy even for critical patients and the day after the police harassment when Reuben had to have emergency surgery the blood bank was closed.
  • The funeral of Reuben Fernandes took place on the 1st November 2011
  • Statements of nine prime witnesses, including the friends of Santos and Reuben who had accompanied them, the coconut water vendor, paan shop owner, and the waiters of the Amboli Bar and Kitchen recorded by the cops. [Mid DAY]
  • Satish Durgas, has been booked under charges of attempted murder.  [Mid DAY]
  •  The other 17 accused, who had added muscle to Rana’s side, have been arrested for rioting. They will also be presented before the court today.[Mid DAY]
  • With the 14-day mandatory period of police custody over, they are scheduled to be produced before court today. Cops, however, will request the permission to keep them in their custody for another 14 days, so they can develop strong cases against them. [Mid DAY]
  • The four men, who allegedly killed two Amboli residents when they objected the eve-teasing of their female friends, have admitted to the crime but showed no remorse when they were brought to court on Thursday. [DNA Article]
  • In other news, two strange articles misstating facts and fabricating information appeared in the Afternoon Dispatch & Courier yesterday. The main focus seemed to be to create confusion over proceedings and the role played by the MLA. The family has called their quotes in it a flat out lie. I have written a rebuttal (it is more like debunking, actually). Jaymin Panchal also challenged the facts stated in the Afternoon D&C article on his blog, based on the coverage seen on Times Now [above].
  • Still, copies of the newspaper were distributed by supporters of the MLA among mourners outside the church on the day *after* the funeral. Obviously an attempt to change public opinion by the MLA. This has been misreported in the DNA as during the funeral – the articles cover the funeral, couldn’t have possibly distributed them before writing.
  • The family has rejected categorically the claims in the Afternoon Dispatch and Courier by the MLA that he had single handedly supported the victims families or had paid hospitable bills.
  • In still other news, Afternoon D&C threatened @Jemin_p over his article.
  • Today, the custody of the perpetrators ended, and the police presented them before a magistrate. They intended to establish the seriousness of the crime and ask for an additional 14 days of custody to make a “watertight case”. However, only one additional day of custody was allowed. This provides less time to the cops to make a foolproof case. [Times Now Video] I think this may not be such a bad thing in a country where cops routinely lose momentum on things, but that is my opinion. That the crime was done is fairly evident. And the cops have later stated that they have a waterproof case.
  • “We want the case to be watertight. We have recovered the weapons. However, we want further custody because we have to record the statements of three more witnesses. There are nine witnesses in the case, including the injured friends, the three girls who were with them, the coconut vendor, a paan shop owner and the waiters of the restaurant where the attack took place,” said an officer from DN Nagar police station. “We also have to get the details of the previous case against Dugraj,” the officer added. [Indian Express]
  • The police claimed to have recovered the second knife used in the crime and that the four accused had confessed. [TOI Article]
  • Jitendra Rana, Sunil Bodh, Satish Dulhaj and Dipak Tival, arrested under IPC sections 302 (murder), 324 (causing hurt by dangerous weapons) and 434 (mischief), were produced at the court around 3.30 pm. [TOI Article]
  •  Nearly 50 of their friends and f amily m e m b e r s had arrived at the court in the morning to witness the proceedings. From the deceased’s side, a neighbour of Fernandez , incidentally an advocate, was present … Fernandez’s neighbour Harish Shetty told TOI: “The police should file a chargesheet in the case within 90 days.” [TOI Article]
  • The court also sent 17 people, who had a scuffle with the police when they went to arrest the accused and so were charged with rioting, to judicial custody till November 17. Their bail will be heard on November 9. [TOI Article]
  • The Times Now video shows the faces of the accused  [Times Now Video] Many supporters were asking for this, and are glad that this happened. Others are concerned that showing the faces may become a factor in identifying the thugs. As in, the defense arguing that the faces were known more from news coverage than from being there.
  • Speaking with Mid Day, its general manager Naveed Bhaiji shared his commiserations for the family, and confirmed that no CCTV footage of the horrifying incident had been recorded, owing to software problems. [NDTV Article]
  • The Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate’s court today extended the remand of four persons arrested for the murder of two youths, Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez, to judicial custody till November 18. [NetIndian]
  • Top cop Nagre Patil says that Ujjwal Nikam may be Special Public Prosecutor
Info on the accused from TOI Article

Jitendra Rana (25)

Lives in Anand Nagar, Jogeshewari (West), along with his parents and uncle’s family. Is a barber at a salon in Lokhandwala. An aunt lives in Valmiki Nagar, Andheri (West), who he visited often. Became friends with the three other murder accused in the locality

Satish Dulhaj (35)

Lives in Valmiki Nagar, Andheri (West), along with his wife, three children, mother and a brother. Is a sweeper in a housing society in Andheri (West). Led the group that attacked Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez. Last year, the police had booked him in an attempt-to-murder case

Sunil Bodh (20)

Lives in Valmiki Nagar, Andheri (West), along with his wife, parents, two bothers and a sister. Works as a sweeper at Kenwood Building, Lokhandwala Complex

Deepak Tival (18)

Lives in Valmiki Nagar, Andheri (West), along with his parents, two sisters and a younger brother. Assists his parents in their work as sweepers in housing societies in Andheri (West)

Some other discrepancies remain. For example, the differing accounts of the incident by the four accused and the victims – were the original people with Rana different from these or are they deliberately telling a different story?

With the faces of the suspects being shown on national Television, What impact will it have on the case in terms of the credibility of the identification parade?

What about the cops who may have put Reuben’s life in danger and contributed to his death?

The information about the MLA sponsoring a lawyer for the murderer is unconfirmed. The Afternoon spent an entire essay over his innocence and has quoted him saying that it was a conspiracy against him *sigh* what was the need at all? Howevever, this info makes it very important to verify independently

Another thought that comes to mind is that even if the other three accomplices of Rana claim that they did not stop to find full facts before backing him up, stabbing someone doesn’t become excusable.

A new post has been created with Developments in the Keenan and Reuben case

I have been following the recent Malad murders, been wanting to write, but there are things wrong on so many levels, I was wondering where and what to write. So I touch the main thing I see, which everyone else seems to be fine with (as usual).

What really runs repeatedly through my mind is that Sachin, the only one of the victims to escape reached the spot to see his friends tied up, and when the goons tried to capture him, he escaped and ran, straight to the police station. This is pretty much the most a regular citizen can do in such a situation.

What I found horrifying was that the cops did not believe him!!! Really? They get so many people complaining about assaults and abductions when there is no problem? Even if there were, even if making false complaints to cops were an Olympic sport, checking up was their job.

The storyline goes that Pathak arrived at the police station while his goons got the victims out of the Jeep and walking to the spot of their torture. Sachin, the victim who escaped saw them in the jeep. If the police were attentive, they could have saved four lives. The youths had been tortured for hours before being killed. In my eyes, they are party to the deaths, as much as a person driving carelessly is responsible for the death of the person he hits. The intent may not be to kill, but there was criminal negligence.

And there are many such cases, where police inaction, complacency or sheer laziness have compounded matters. Be it botched investigations and contaminated evidence, or mishandling of prevention. In each case, make no mistake, it is the policeman making it possible for a criminal to escape or to conduct his crime. I think it is a direct abuse of citizen's trust for such people to be tasked with their safety. Another article questions why the victims complained in an MNS office first and not cops. If you read this, and many other tales of the police response to crime, and the MNS response, misguided as it may be, with your life in danger, where would you go?

The reason I bring this up is because this is decreasing trust in the police. It is no use to blame victims for not approaching cops first. The real question is for the cops. "Why did the victims not approach you first?" and worse, "What did you do after they approached?"

As this incident plays havoc with my sleeping thoughts, and news continues to trickle with details, some of the most offensive words on this subject have come from ACP Maruti Rathod, Malad (East) "I am investigating the allegations. If I find that the officers are guilty of negligence, then action will definitely be taken. We have transferred the Senior Police Inspector Mohan Sankhe, as many complaints had been lodged against him in the past as well,"

That is half the story, Mr. Rathod, what is that guy going to be up to in his new place of work? And more importantly, how many cops I may need to count on for life and death have been similarly recycled into disservice in my area?

In my eyes, that cop, and indeed all cops who heard the complaint and ignored it should be arrested for their role in the killings and breach of faith with the civil society. Whether they get convicted or not, they most definitely should no longer be on the police force.

How else do you expect the efficiency of the police force to go up if life threatening mistakes earn no more than a transfer? The police themselves harass anyone questioning faults in the system. I forget the name - the journalist from Midday who got into trouble for his sting in the bad storage of the new post 26/11 gear. The next time we have a 26/11 we will be in the same place again 🙁 Again we will be whining about inadequate equipment, unprepared responses.

Police deal with life and death routinely. Surely it is important to weed out those proven incompetent?

I suggest that the first VIP in the hierarchy approving the transfer order instead of arresting and prosecuting, use the bad cop for their security detail and leave the good ones free for the public.

This isn't something that needs to be explained or given second chances about. Even if the murders had not happened at that point, abduction and assault are serious enough things that the policemen should have immediately jumped to attention. Leaves me thinking of the numerous stories of kidnapped or missing people. How can we be sure the cops did anything at all to help find them?

Criminals exist everywhere. For me the real horror of the story is that the security I imagined existed is a lie. If something happened to me, I can't count on help arriving on time.

Is anyone who matters reading this at all? What will it take to ensure that criminally corrupt policemen are not recycled into blank slate fresh starts in new places?