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Women's rights

Editorial Malfunction at India Today

An outrageous, but somewhat predictable editorial malfunction in India Today led to some confusion about whether the magazine wants to object to objectification of women or encourage it. Sex sells, so sell it As everyone knows, India Today has difficulty selling content and must rely on pictures of scantily dressed women to attract readers, who, […]

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K K Seethamma

K K Seethamma, head of the committee against sexual harassment in Bangalore University, former head of the department of women studies on C C Patil’s comments on women’s atire: “I’m against women wearing obscene clothes. With such clothes, they tempt men and that’s why they get raped. Even when one wears saris , long-sleeve blouses must be […]

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Transcript: Globalizing Inequality by P. Sainath Part 4

Transcript of Globalizing Inequality – a lecture by P. Sainath, sponsored by the Center for Social and Environmental Justice of Washington State University, Vancouver. Video by pdxjustice Media Productions. Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 [In fact, so many new boutiques in fashion… fashion boutiques and designer stores have […]

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Cloth Bank needs your help

Cloth Bank is an initiative of Ahambhumika. It aims to match surplus clothes many of us have and provide them to those in need. Particularly children’s clothes. Kids grow up so fast, the ones who do have loads of clothes outgrow them while they are still in great condition. The ones who have few clothes […]

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Women's clothing and social judgments

Just recently read a news article from Pakistan where a girl went to some party which had boys and returned late. She got raped. In the debate that stormed in the comments, two prevalent views came forth. The first was when someone commented that if she was going to wear revealing clothes and go to […]

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