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Transcript: Why Democracy – P. Sainath

P Sainath

The following is the transcript of snippets of P. Sainath’s insights on democracy. I think there is much to think of here. Many thanks Atul Hirde for making this video and sharing. I believe that a democratic political culture is essential for any kind of governance, any kind of social contract, for any kind of …

Mourning our freedoms

Thought fragments There was a time when our people fought ferociously for their rights. And there is now when a hunger strike against censorship can’t rustle up a dozen people. When the Arab Spring showed signs of Islamic parties coming to power, many thought it was a failure of the Arab Spring. To me, it …

Stop IT Rules. Do This. NOW

Save frree speech. Stop IT Rules NOW

We take our freedoms for granted, but there are some things very important to fight for. Our right to express ourselves is one of these. The proposed IT rules by pass the courts or any evaluation mechanism between a complaint and taking it down. In essence, if I dislike you, I could notify you that …