Fiona Harrison vaping or e-smoking on stage of Carmen at a Welsh National Opera production in Swansea, South Wales

Electronic Cigarettes: Getting off the smoke

I am a fairly heavy smoker, and have been wanting to quit smoking for a long time. I quit easily enough, but I enjoy smoking too, and end up right back later. I had earlier tried shifting to electronic cigarettes, but it didn’t work. Then, I got a better electronic cigarette from Smokefree, and it […]

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Anti-smoking propoganda – smokers have no rights

I’d written about people pestering smokers, now its the government doing it. There’s a whole list of “public places” that people can’t smoke in, in Mumbai. Apparently, some people are more equal than others. If you don’t want to inhale smoke, you don’t even need to move away a little anymore. The government takes care […]

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