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5 reasons to #VoteAAP

Yesterday, someone asked me to give three reasons to vote AAP. I understand that there is a lot of invented confusion, controversy and general mud slinging about AAP. The latest is BJP workers supporting pamphlets showing Arvind Keriwal as Osama Bin Laden, while Modi sly speeched him as AK-49. All this does sway minds. But …

Where do fake AAP leaders come from?

Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV

Headlines Today’s slanderous show making allegations about Somnath Bharti was hardly the first they have gone after AAP leaders with “mistakes”. Here are two times when they have interviewed “AAP leaders” slandering the party. The glitch? Both of them are BJP. Neither VK Malhotra nor Sanjay Kaul belong to AAP, and it would be rather …