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Letter to Mr Arun Jaitley

to Arun Jaitley

To The Desk of Arun Jaitley As ever Mr. Arun Jaitley has come up with an explanation to another contentious matter that has concerned the nation regarding the leadership of his organisation BJP. There is a term in journalism that explains the creative exercise of proposing distinctive interpretation, especially as used by politicians to sway …

Updated: Taking a look at BJP funding


The BJP funding seems to be an economic miracle. Perhaps it follows the Gujarat model. Hindustan Times reports that the BJP advertising budget for this election could touch 5000 crores. “Planned spends on all media, including print, television, outdoor, internet and radio would be close to Rs. 4,500 crore. The party has set aside an …

Catract surgery for buffaloes and 9 lady doctors for 25 million women in Gujarat

Another release from Ravinder Singh points out to important incongruities that are highly relevant to the well being of citizens being blacked out due to careful media management in Gujarat. Election Commission again failed to Manage Media. Modi Chai Pe Charcha was scheduled for 4PM but was delayed to coincide with AAP Kejriwal Meeting in Gujarat and practically blacked …