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I am often challenged about my political views, because I am "anti-BJP". So naturally, BJP trolls imagine that I am a Congressi, or Commie or Aaptard depending on what day of the week it is, I suppose. I don't support any political party. I don't have a preference for any political ideology. I don't have any preference for economic policy - as long as it is fair and does not disadvantage citizens by class. I see India as a shared space for all citizens, but I don't insist that you must obey me. I support and oppose all political parties depending on what they are up to - with one seeming exception - the BJP. This is because I don't see BJP as a political party at all. I see it as a cartel of opportunists at best and criminals at worst depending on what is going on. In my view, they have amassed power by hook or crook, telling blatant lies and faking their way to the top and have no regard for the well being of the country whatsoever. Here are further observations toward this.

Incompetence being a virtue with Modi sarkar

Ever since the election win to now, all the appointments by Modi sarkar have had one overwhelming common factor - the people appointed are spectacularly bad for the roles they are appointed. And this is not because of a lack of good people, but because to be appointed, an important requirement is that the people do not have any particular ambition for excellence that could get in the way of compromises that would be made for profit. Even a right wing Modi supporting professional would find it necessary to object if blatant wrongs were done - it is easier for the profiteers to have incompetent people there.

The list is endless and mentioned well here, but for a quick gist - the RBI governor who would face NPAs as among his hardest challenges is Urjit Patel, who has more experience governing the GSPC defaulting on loans than paying them. With a galaxy of outstanding actors kowtowing before the government in public and even making the sort of bigotted statements that appeal to the BJP crowd, the choice for FTII was Gajendra Chauhan. Gajendra who? Exactly. Ankit Fadia, absolutely sneered at among serious hacking/coding circles for being a "script kiddie" at best - was appointed as Digital India's brand ambassador - BJP with its legions of trolls and endless website launches hardly lacked good coders. Smriti Irani who could have served the FTII better than Gajendra Chauhan at least, was chosen to be the Minister of HRD - the biggest wrongdoing by her that was attracting attention was her faking educational qualifications. As HRD Minister, she would also be overseeing education. Including that of those far more educated than her.

The list goes on and on and on, but the basic point is this, deliberately putting incompetent people in key positions is an act that harms India and it is consistently done by the BJP government to the point that there is no doubt that it is deliberate. It is an intentional undermining of India. And there is a reason. A professional who takes pride in his work is likely to take pride in governing to high standards. Also a person who is authoritative about their subject is unlikely to have the kind of blackmail triggers that BJP likely uses to create puppets for its corrupt purposes - more on that later. That makes the blatant perversion of quality in the country going on harder. For example, would an excellent professional simply nod and agree if cronies were allowed to profit from every sector they could? Would a professional agree to favor incompetent and unlicenced cronies on critical things that could result in dead people? This, I see as a direct attack on India. BJP is an absolute enemy of India in my eyes. It is not a political party merely ideologically differing with others on how India should be governed, it is an entity that has absolutely no priority of excellence for the country or even preservation.

Denial of the achievements of India

In their process of ideologically wiping out their much hated Congress, the BJP consistently defames the country. Over and over. Relentlessly. There isn't much to say here, because it is an outright falsehood, so I simply quote a disgruntled Congress supporter "If the Congress hadn't brought India from a struggling colony to the tech age, this blight (Modi-BJP) would not be inflicted on the country with their false propaganda."


BJP operates through a process of dehumanization. Dehumanization is necessary in order to make people hate. No one likes to think of themselves as malicious to another human being. When they are reduced to hollow symbols of evil and stripped of all identity beyond that, it becomes possible to absolutely want the extinction of a "concept" you have been taught as harmful. The crazy buggers spewing hate on a daily basis can do that, because they have been conditioned to see anyone not BJP through various lenses that they have been taught. No one independently comes up with identical labels for any entity, because independent minds operate in diverse ways. Even all critics of BJP and Modi will have their own reasons and methods and they may even vary from subject to subject, mood or time. In contrast, those spewing hate will have very specific reasons for very specific categories of people - this is because the information provided to convince them what "reality" is, is the same.

Those who see Muslims hunting Hindu girls when a government action fails massively don't realize that they are being used to leverage nuisance value and misdirect attention from issues important to the well being of the country. It is not possible that thousands of supporters of one party alone actually have seen Muslims target women and others haven't. But they have been told so many times and in such convincing ways, that the stories they are told become real to them. Then all it takes is for whoever is controlling the propaganda to trigger the outrage when needed. Earlier it used to be subtle. Private groups and whatsapp and such. Now it is in the open, with most news channels discussing the demonetisation and other news of importance to the country, the Republic was busy broadcasting a victimhood narrative. Hindu khatare mein hai! The programmed trigger for bhakts to start attacking people who are not BJP for whatever latest threat has been announced.

With BJP getting less than a third of the votes, this basically targets the vast majority of the country for bullying with various labels and insults. This is basically creating a culture of cruelty and the only people benefitting are the leaders and cronies of BJP - even the supporters will actually lead less satisfying relationships because their minds are constantly bombarded with behavioral triggers to be intolerant. Such a mind finds the world divided into two types of people - those in agreement and those not. And it does not stop with the online world of politics. Once conditioned to be inhuman to those who disagree, the mind will tend to react in such a manner to all disagreement. Quality of life and relationships will be considerably undermined, unless they manage to live among people who always agree with them.

The profiteering cartel that is BJP

It is hard to find a single large group of people - particularly people with criminal leaders or members that is not affiliated with the BJP. This is not an accident. BJP has gone around collecting people - regardless of political ideology - to support them electorally. It appears that being a criminal is actually preferred - possibly so BJP has CBI investigation blackmail leash. There are businesses exploiting the resources of the country with no checks and balances in sight. Various godmen are undercutting established manufacturers on prices and cornering markets - not because their quality is better, but because their business being religion, is tax free - even inferior quality FMCG products. Entire monopolies are being created. Crazy godmen are sheltered from law in return for votes from their massive followings. Even a "corrupt Congressi" like Nilekani has been able to impose his globalist scam of Aadhaar with far more impunity with this cartel than he ever could with the Congress in rule and acting on public demands for committees and such (even though the Congress is no innocent). Politicians accused of crimes and corruption by BJP have switched parties to join the BJP and in many instances contest on seats and win. It is a cartel of criminals and profiteers becoming a monolith and giving each other impunity. And this too has been dishonest. Economically disadvantaged groups were exploited for electoral profit and discarded after winning. Bharatiya Majdoor Sangh - the labour wing of the RSS has suffered like all other labourers in the country and protested and objected and complained with no interest from the government whatsoever in improving the conditions of workers.

The Swabhimani Shetkari Sangh representing farmers in Maharashtra has withdrawn support for the BJP after three years of farmers being betrayed by them after being elected. They had vigorously protested the cattle slaughter ban as well. To no avail. The rapist godman Ram Rahim who was affiliated with the BJP, whose supporters were allowed to amass and intimidate the High Court prior to his verdict were dumped once he was convicted and became a political liability. Other rapists are still enjoying protection as long as they hand the votes over to BJP. Today after fifty kinds of "reasons for demonetisation" dodges, Arun Jaitley admitted, as this blog had immediately pointed out among many others, that the demonetisation was done to encourage the country to move to digital payments. Yes, you hear that right. The finance minister of the country had absolutely no problem with an economic assault on the country that devastated lives and livelihoods - to promote payment products.

There is no resemblance to a political party. There is no attempt whatsoever to represent the interests of the people. This is why I say I am politically completely neutral. I am anti-BJP because I am anti-criminal cartels. I don't see them as a party. It doesn't walk, talk or act like a party, therefore to me it isn't one.


To The Desk of Arun Jaitley

As ever Mr. Arun Jaitley has come up with an explanation to another contentious matter that has concerned the nation regarding the leadership of his organisation BJP.

There is a term in journalism that explains the creative exercise of proposing distinctive interpretation, especially as used by politicians to sway public opinion. Spin is the utilised word for such an exercise. Between adversarial politics it has become quite rampant to counter the brickbats of criticism by fielding spin doctors deft in the game of skirting the issues gnawing at the central discourse.

The issue of Mr. Narendra Modi’s marital status came to prominent attention when recently Mr.Rahul Gandhi brought up the issue in one of his political campaign speeches after the disclosure of certain facts about the BJP leader that have been hitherto, by all accounts, refuted and avoided for all of political history of Narendra Modi, especially recently for the last decade of his rule of the state of Gujarat by coming to power successively for four terms.

In a blog Mr.Arun Jaitley has made effort to counter the public gaze attracted by certain discrepancy regarding the said issue compounded by Rahul Gandhi’s speech.

Below are the comments and resulting questions arising out of the listed blog points being shared in the media.

Narendra Modi’s Marital Status:

In an affidavit before the Returning Officer in Vadodra, Narendra Modi disclosed the name of his "wife".

When this is the first thing to be acknowledged in the blog that legally there is a marriage between concerned two people then why is Mr.Jaitley still reluctant and adamant to only use the legitimate word wife in special quotes, as in "wife"? What is a "wife"? Is this an appropriate way to refer to a woman long denied acknowledgment and opportunistically recognized only to save your party's skin? Is he and/or the party still in denial of the legality and/or the truth in the marital status in question? Has Modi filed the form correctly or not after all this noise? If Mr. Jaitley is in doubt of Narendra Modi's wife being his wife, he could contest Modi's claim on his form.

This fact is sufficiently in public domain that Narendra Modi and the lady were made to solemnize a marriage as young children.

This too is a fact sufficiently in the same public domain that Narendra Modi has been, throughout his political history, only proposing to be a single man to gain fillip into the ranks of the RSS which prizes “celibacy”1,and thus carve out a public persona of a leader only married to the cause of his ideology. And that this contradiction, of coming out clean with the reality of his marital status, only hurt his political prospects in deep rooted conservatism of Indian culture. So we arrive at the most important questionon this issue:

Q1.Did Mr.Narendra Modi betray the nation and its citizens to further his personal political career, especially in the times of a leader like statesman Atal Bihari Vajpayee who came to be revered for a celibate life in the service of his cause?


They never lived together. Modi dedicated himself to spiritual and political activities.The lady lived with her parents,and worked as school teacher.

First of all it is wrong to say they never lived together when it’s also sufficiently in the public domain that they spent 3 years of their marriage in proximity of each other.Secondly,and more importantly, all this has fallen flat after the self acknowledgement by the Gujarat CM after all this while that he has a wife.

While we understand that a person's private life is his own, if privacy is invoked to cover up the use of an outright lie as a USP, then it remains merely a cover up. Narendra Modi knowingly publicized his single and celibate status to project himself as a worthier politician than he apparently was - by his own standard. Clearly the single and celibate state was desirable enough to invent and use as a selling point.

We saw the "celibate" get questioned when he was exposed to have asked for state resources to be misused to spy on a woman. To a public not interested in his personal life and correctly interested in his professional life, the extraordinary unofficial deployment of state resources for the surveillance of a woman seems to be a rather inappropriate interest.

Now we see the "single" under question as well. His personal lie is his own, but what is the explanation for deliberately showcasing it as the opposite of fact?

Q2.Why Did Mr.Narendra Modi not annul the union if that is what he was driven towards for his future life as a‘celibate’ and be revered as one with no such marital history,the idea that resides well in the public domain,especially in the domains of RSS and the BJP?

By all accounts,the comments of lady have been extremely dignified.The requirement of filing an affidavit with the nomination form was directed by the Supreme Court as a part of the voter's right to know facts even about the private lives of their candidates.

While it is not our right to ask anyone to divorce, reconcile or remain separated with their wives, it most certainly raises the question of why the separation was not made legal if that was the requirement of his professional role? Why lie?

Q3.Why did Mr.Modi,all the while being the Chief Minister of a state four times over,allow the propaganda machine to propagate his “Single & Celibate”status?

The Supreme Court only gave voice to the long standing and valid expectations of the people of India.

Without this, Narendra Modi would again campaign a single and celibate status and make a virtue out of abandoning a wife and denying her existence. Last thing we need is a cult status for abandoning unwanted wives, right?

The Legal Position:

Since the marriage was never acted upon in accordance with the requirements of the then law, Narendra Modi was earlier leaving the column regarding the name and assets of his spouse blank.

Q4.Why did Mr.Modi still claim to be a “Single”when only later he had to acknowledge the fact of the said union of marriage?

It is only in September2013that the Supreme Court clarified that no column of the affidavit could be left blank.

Surely,it is seen as the solemn duty of the political candidate to come out clean on the basic question of matrimonial status to the people of the nation? Is it not a shame that it has to be made mandatory in the interest of the people for the due merit such an issue deserves?

Narendra Modi, therefore,made a truthful disclosure. Since when has declaration of a lawful relationship, whether acted upon or not,become a political issue?

Q5. Is it not the solemn duty of the political candidate to truthfully disclose the basic question of matrimonial status to the people of the nation?

Could you, Mr. Jaitley, in all honesty say that Mr. Modi has been truthful about this disclosure? Do you deny that Modi's single and celibate status has been projected as a measure of his eligibility as a leader? Are we to understand that not only was he not eligible to claim "single and celibate" then, he admits that he is not, now?

On a side note, would this explain the mega corporate loot in Gujarat and the inexplicable funding of his election campaign? Is the whole problem really that he got trusted because he wasn't a married chap with motives to engage in questionable dealings, and he actually was? Jawab do, Mr Jaitley, the nation wants to know (and mostly because Modi isn't real great at accountability and you seem to be answering at least).

Politics is the sense of will of the people.As such people deserve to know the truth and the fact is even strengthened by the order of thelaw passed bySupreme Court in the welfare of the rights of the people to know these basic facts about their leader even if the leader obfuscates and deny adding value,that the leader himself demands ofhis or her adversaries,to the political aspirations of the people.


Breach of “Unstated Code”:

Indian politics has an unstated code of conduct.Ordinarily,we don't drag families and ladies into controversy.

Rahul Gandhi is guilty of breaching that code.He must remember that the disturbed matrimonial relationship of a former Indian Prime Minister was never a political issue.

How many current senior Congressmen are in illicit relationships and yet have paraded their wives only for photo opportunities during nominations.

Surely if people have a right to know about the "legal"relationship of Modi,they also have a right to know about the illicit relationships of Congressmen.The latter is more relevant for people's right to know about the ethics of their candidates.

However,devoid of serious political issues and understanding of those issues,Rahul Gandhi has reflected his immaturity and desperation by making the 'Modi marriage'as a political issue.

Yes, we have heard about this code before, when Sushmaji objected to the exposes of Vadra's dealings by referring to it. Kind of like a gentleman's sparring club. You must fight with honor, it is a game. No coloring outside lines, where both may do as they will and we will let it happen.

We appreciate you for informing us that for all his faults, Rahul Gandhi isn't obeying this game of deception.

Q6. Is this statement, “Unstated Code”, not EXACTLY what BJP and Congress both deny?

This one is not about Modi alone, Mr. Jaitley. If you have an understanding between parties to not question certain kinds of wrong actions, what does that mean? Does it not mean that you allow each other unquestioned wrongs as long as they are outside the "play area"?

Is it not correct that the recent threat of Ms.Uma Bharti of putting Mr.Robert Vadra in jail if BJP forms the next government a direct retaliation of this very breach of Unstated Code or the tacit understanding between the two established parties? Ironical,isn’t it,that the case of Robert Vadra first landed up in the offices of BJP and yet it takes a breach of code that pressures the BJP to apply retaliatory threat against the Congress?

Ms.Meenakshi Lekhi on a debate on the Times Now has claimed that a Commission needs to be set up in matters relating to the “inter-state”operations of Mr.Robert Vadra and that it will only be setup in time to come.Why does it take the Rajasthan Government,formed at same time as the Delhi Government few months ago,to form a commission of enquiry when you yourself have questioned the short lived Aam Aadmi Party government that still manage to take eminent actions of National concern in the little time of governance that party functioned in?

And lastly, Mr. Jaitley, I am not a politician. Your stupid code doesn't apply to me. I see your leader lying to my country, there is no "code" that can stop me from demanding accountability.

A citizen



Critics have accused Mr Modi of deserting his wife after he joined the Hindu nationalist organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),which prizes celibacy.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-26970397...at a rally in February, "I have no family ties,I am single.

Who will I be corrupt forMr Modi has been silent on his marital status while rising through the ranks in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS,the BJP's ideological mentor,an organisation in which celibacy is expected.http://www.ndtv.com/elections/article/election-2014/in-poll-affidavit-narendra-modi-says-he-is-married-brother-gives-clarification-50663


The BJP funding seems to be an economic miracle. Perhaps it follows the Gujarat model.

Hindustan Times reports that the BJP advertising budget for this election could touch 5000 crores.

“Planned spends on all media, including print, television, outdoor, internet and radio would be close to Rs. 4,500 crore. The party has set aside an additional Rs. 500 crore, which will be used, based on need, to beef up the campaign in critical constituencies and states in the last few days of campaigning.”

After his Record of 53 rallies using 3D projection technology beamed real time using satellites during his Assembly election campaign; the Lok Sabha Elections are set to see Modi break his own record with 1000 such 3D projection rallies planned in 10-12 batches with each event happening in 100 locations at a time. Depending on which source you read cost between 5 crore per event to ten million dollars (little over 60 crores) for all the rallies (coming to a little more than 1.13 crore per rally). That would be a mind boggling 5000 crore on just one category of election campaigning by a party that declared TOTAL INCOME between 2004-05 and 2011-12 accounts as 890.65 crore rupees and assets worth 1221.57 crore rupees. While there is no way of knowing how much donations they are getting now, I'm going by the assumption that two general elections falling into that time period, the total income of 7 years wouldn't exceed the income in this one year.

Assuming lower cost to be true, it would be 1.13 crore per event bringing it to a whopping 1132 crore still.

This is apart from the 185 rallies Modi is to address in person, traveling by air each time. Independent estimates peg the cost of each Modi rally at 50 to 55 crores per event including event arrangements, travel by air, hoardings and other advertisements, live broadcast feed, paid audiences and more. We can dismiss them as motivated and consider a tenth of that cost (5 crore) to be true, and the rest politically motivated considering that estimating the extent of paid audiences is impossible. I regret that we have to use such wild estimations, but since BJP is a staunch opponent of RTI providing accurate information about their party expenses, this is the best I can do for now. I have tried to be fair. Even a low budget wedding decorator would charge 150 rupees per head or more per guest for the event arrangements (not counting food and such). That would put the cost of 185 rallies alone at 925 crore (35 crore more than the total declared income for 7 years between 2004-05 and 2011-12). That is leaving out rallies such as the Hunkar where even conservative estimates peg it to cost over 10 crore.

This is in addition to prime time television advertisements, full page ads in newspapers and such, which someone tracking (but not yet ready with his report) estimates to be in the hundreds of crores already.

This is in addition to the ads staring into your face all over the internet.

This is in addition to the hired PR firms for social media trolling and more.

This is apart from the regular running expenses of hundreds of offices, lakhs of supporters campaiging on the ground and on the internet and phones.

It is apart from the printing and distribution expenses for both party propaganda and slander of opponents.

This is apart from the reports of payment for votes, payment for attending rallies, payment for buying off party supporters/members/candidates, media, etc - stuff not easy to prove or estimate, but estabished that it happens.

This is in addition to the expenses of other leaders who are also not exactly pinching their wallet. There are hundreds of candidates with their own expenses likely spending funds from state units or other sources. For example Gopinath Munde's supporters recently thrashed their helicopter pilot in Beed when he wouldn't take him to an additional location than what he had been booked for, citing Election Commission restrictions.

And there are a thousand other things, but I think it is quite clear that BJP's visible expense dramatically exceeds their stated income. I can easily outline estimates for other expenses if anyone has any evidence that BJP legally has more money than I am assuming here.

So where is this money coming from? Clearly part of it is coming in kind, like the free air travel and the now done to death names of the evil Ambani and Adani.

That still doesn't explain the rest of the bonanza. The advertising, rallies and the 3D rallies both independently blow the declared income estimate out of the water.

Some of the expense is clearly looted from the people of Gujarat when state funds are used to employ PR firms for showcasing Gujarat before the upcoming General Elections. Why would a state government need a PR firm for the General Elections? It wouldn't. The argument would be the state is showcasing itself, and Modi will just "happen to" peddle the well publicized Gujarat model till everyone wants to puke - and it isn't just skeptics like me, but even a staunch bhakt like Raj Thackeray lashed at Modi when he flaunted Gujarat in Maharashtra asking him to resign as Chief Minister of one state if he was planning to be the Prime Minister.

But BJP supporters would rather believe that a state that has tripled its debt under Modi needs to spend more money making Gujarat smell sweet. So we have:

The chosen agency will have to ensure at least half a dozen stories each in national, regional and vernacular newspapers based on the inputs provided by Gujarat government, officials said. Gujarat government is also seeking at least one story each in national magazines and television based on its inputs every month.


The amount for retaining Mutual PR is not known. Last week, four agencies including Dilip Cherian's Perfect Relations, Acti Media, Kamnath Mudralaya and Mutual PR attended half an hour long pre-bid conference called by the government of Gujarat in Delhi.

More firms are expected to submit bids as the Gujarat government reduced a threshold to 1 crore each in turnover for past three years from 1.5 crore in 2011 for bidders while most tenders seek much higher revenues.


Many of the state ventures of Gujarat have also hired separate public relations firms. For instance, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City has roped in Adfactors PR; Metro Express Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad project has signed Perfect Relations and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation has tied up with Simulations.

And this publicity wasn't even listed in the ones already unable to fit BJP's stated income.

Paisa kidhar se aa raha hain, bhai?

Note: There is a big bait in this article. If BJP takes it, there will be a follow up article. Stay tuned.


Another release from Ravinder Singh points out to important incongruities that are highly relevant to the well being of citizens being blacked out due to careful media management in Gujarat.

Election Commission again failed to Manage Media. Modi Chai Pe Charcha was scheduled for 4PM but was delayed to coincide with AAP Kejriwal Meeting in Gujarat and practically blacked out opposition in Gujarat.

I was waiting for someone in bjp to respond to Arvind Kejriwal charges, particularly to issues of women in Healthcare & Education - just 9 Lady Doctors in 318 GoG Primary Health centers all over Gujarat for 25 million women and no toilet for Women Teachers in Gujarat Schools is absolute shame for India.

Not a single women of Gujarat could be selected from Gujarat in India Civil Services 2012 and there are three men in top 500 for 5% population, at Chai Pe Charcha women were attentively watching Con Star Modi.

55% of women in Gujarat are anemic due to poverty and inadequate food consumption and expensive vegetables. A kg of iron rich vegetables are procured from farmers at Rs.5 kg but retailed for Rs.20 to Rs.50 per kg.

There are over 5000 schools in Gujarat that has only one school teacher and good percentage are women. Majority of schools have 2-3 teachers - How can they manage many hundred school children each and what kind of education they provide?

But at Chai Pe Charcha Modi again repeated JOKE - even Buffalos in Gujarat get Cataract Surgery.

None of the women, invited by bjp party to Chai of Modi, asked questions related to poor education and healthcare in Gujarat.

State budget on Education & Health each is not even 0.5% of Gujarat GDP.

Tax collection in Gujarat at 11% of state GDP is lowest when Industry sector contribution is highest in India.

Ravinder Singh,
Convener, Mentor & CEO
Ph: 9650421857, 9718280435
Progressindia008@yahoo.com ,