Babri Masjid

Tiger Memon - accused of masterminding 1993 Mumbai blasts

What about Tiger Memon?

There is this niggling thing about the 1993 blasts case that just does not add up. We have Yakub’s “confession”. We have hanged him. We have evidence about Tiger Memon running the show on the 1993 blasts – manpower, materials, location, the works. What evidence is there against Dawood is not clear to my inexperienced […]

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Dead end for Yakub Memon. Cartoon by @MANJULtoons
Economic inequality

After Yakub Memon’s execution. Now what?

So #Yakub Memon was finally hanged this morning. The #Supreme Court did a dramatic early morning hearing to hear the challenge to the President’s rejection of Yakub Memon’s mercy petition, and Yakub lost the case. Even if he had won it, it would have won him at best 14 more days to live. Perhaps some […]

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Politics & Political Commentary

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet

Wanting a lean cabinet is one thing, but the selection of ministers does not invoke confidence. Narendra Modi will be handling Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space. Given the secretive nature of India’s nuclear establishment, and the very serious apprehensions regarding several existing and proposed nuclear plants, the ability and intent of […]

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My Babari Masjid Verdict

After much thinking, this is what I think should be done about the Babri Masjid conflict. All the arguing parties must be told to go home and forget it. The whole land should be returned to the Earth – Nature. Nothing built. Left to grow wild. Totally wild. After all, before a Masjid, before a […]

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