Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

Nuclear power plant at Gujarat KAPS - Kakrapar Atomic Power Station

KAPS Kakrapar Nuclear plant is likely undergoing a loss-of-coolant incident

Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board cautions, based on the sparse specifics available in the public domain and comments by authority figures that the government may be concealing information about the magnitude of the accident at KAPS (Kakrapar Atomic Power Station) Unit 1

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Kudankulam Safety Responsibility of AERB & BARC #mustread

2-10-2012 KUDANKULAM NUCLEAR PLANT SAFETY AERB & BARC RESPONSIBLE. MoEF, CPCB, SPCB MINIMAL FORMAL ROLE. ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS: The National Environment Policy, 2006 sets human beings at the centre of sustainable development. People are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature. The object of environmental governance is to be achieved by application […]

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