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A quick look at size of chargesheets

Percentage of time devoted to rural news on TV

The Tarun Tejpal chargesheet attempting Guinness book records over what was basically a groping and rape under the new definition got me curious about the sizes of various chargesheets. This is mostly an experiment driven by curiosity. I thought the chargesheet had a lot of pages and compared it with a few, and there seemed …

Asaram Bapu – when Godmen rape

asaram bapu against a blue background and flowers

Asaram bapu and his fanatical followers are a snapshot of how irrelevant moral behavior is to worship. In the recent past, Asaram Bapu has made headlines for holding the victim of a brutal rape jointly responsible for being raped. He has celebrated a mass holi wasting water in the middle of the worst drought Maharashtra …

A tragic suicide and the world that encourages it

Criminalize Violence

As in the case of the Mumbai Gang Rape, the arrest of the gang rapists led to another of their victims coming to the front, so is it that Jodhpur police are claiming that more victims of the godman Asaram Bapu are filing complaints. Superficially, they may seem entirely different issues, but fundamentally, they appear …