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It is a strange need that humans have, to stand out and also belong. Be authentic, and enjoy interactions with people when you are in a group. Resist the urge to tune out, or withdraw socially, particularly when among people you don't know well. Address the group rather than individuals on the side.

Remember, everyone is a little awkward in the beginning, but if you take an initiative to start conversation, or even support existing interaction, they will be comfortable with you much faster than someone who stays aloof. Even though new interactions can be uncomfortable till you get to know people, they ease out quite quickly, if comfortable conversation can begin.

Participate in whatever is happening in your group. Give suggestions, follow them too and be enthusiastic about happenings and very soon you fill find that you are having a great time, no matter who you are with.

What do we mean by authenticity? It is simply being transparent, sharing your state of being without camoflages and masks. Of having the courage to be, and trusting those with you enough to want them to know it.

Many a times, on programmes, the minute this word comes up, there is a whole barrage of people with objections. Doubts, problems... how it is impossible in todays world. What I see happening is that the subject is important to so many people in the group, which is how all these voices suddenly come up. I also see that there is a lot of fear of consequences if we show our true selves. If it is not liked, it leaves us in a very unhappy and vulnerable situation.

There is not much I can say that can change this. It is true. What I can share is the things that overcome this fear for me.

  • I enjoy exploring life. I don't wish to spend energy in hiding myself constantly.
  • If I hide, I am operating from an assumption that what I could reveal will not be liked - this may not be true at all.
  • I see strength in authenticity - no one is perfect. It is those with strength to face themselves who can see their imperfections and acknowledge them.
  • I see inclusion of the others around me in authenticity. When I open myself to them, I include them in what is happening with me.
  • When I am authentic and the consequences are difficult to bear, I can work to explore and change myself and situations. If I hide, I remain at their mercy forever, because I will never change them.

So how does being authentic help us:

  • More energy for things we find worthwhile
  • My being authentic sends a message to people that they can be themselves with me too
  • Relationships based on reality rather than pretenses
  • Relationships where imperfections are accepted and issues can be addressed rather than silent resentments
  • The power of being exactly what we are without fear

Not worth it?