Law and order (politics)

Anjali Damania receives threat from Pakistan to drop cases against Eknath Khadse

Anjali Damania reported that she got a threatening call from a number in Pakistan, Karachi asking her to drop all cases against Eknath Khadse. Transcript of the threatening call to Anjali Damania: Caller: Anjali bol rahi hai? Anjali: Haan… Caller: Anjali, tune jo case kiya na khadse pe Anjali: haan… Caller: woh waapas le Anjali: […]

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Women's rights

The crime of being a woman in love

Three stories trending these days with women in the spotlight. Nikhita and Vijayalakshmi When I first heard of the story of the wife beating actor Darshan, I thought it was an insult someone leveled rather than a real story. Then, I discovered that the man had assaulted his wife, Vijayalakshmi, burned her with cigarette stubs, […]

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Eunuchs, transgenders, Hijras, Kotis…..

The transgendered community is a world of its own, intersecting with the “normal” in a garish parody of revulsion and macabre fascination that leaves no room for them to be anything other than objects to project society’s prejudices on.

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