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National Commission for Women Chief Mamta Sharma

National Commission for Women or political puppets?

Where is the National Commission of Women that was so critical of Somnath Bharti’s raid in Khirki? The women supposedly assaulted in the raid, whom they were so concerned about who filed a complaint over being mistreated by the crowd have filed a far graver complaint. That of being entrapped and exploited for prostitution. Harish […]

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Some comments on Alka Lamba joining Aam Aadmi Party

I discovered that Alka Lamba is joining Aam Aadmi Party and found it a little strange that some AAP supporters seem to be objecting to it. I think objecting to her joining the party makes no sense. As a new party, Aam Aadmi Party will need a lot of people who can take on responsibility […]

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