Ajit Pawar

Deaf Dumb people demand better rights

Occupy CST : How some people are easier to punish with law

The news hit briefly. A few comments, some photos. Farmers from drought stricken Maharashtra and disabled people were protesting at CST station.There was no major news story. In fact the first major story on the subject was what the police did about it. The Times of India did a two paragraph report: MUMBAI: A day […]

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Thermal Plants want water, farmers need it

To Maharashstra Chief Minister on Maharashtra drought #MAHAdrought

Dear Mr Chavan, I am not going to talk about irrigation projects and such things that you already have practiced replying. Let us look at what is happening. Vidarbha always seems to be reeling under drought. Rains fail, crops fail, farmers are not able to repay debts, farmer suicides happen. That is the routine story […]

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Politics & Political Commentary
Women's rights

Tears dry, drought remains

The Indian state has managed to keep the devastating drought in the country out of the National consciousness. Just as it has kept quiet the massive destruction of water resources, falling water tables and sale of water and waterbodies to private players while people and their lands thirst. What is the situation really? 314 villages […]

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