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The Empire is Crumbling: @gupta_milan replies to @desaisantosh with hope.

Guest post by Milan Gupta Yesterday (on 28th December, 2015) Santosh Desai ( @desaisantosh ) published his opinion column titled “2015: The Empire Strikes back” in TOI(Times of India) Delhi edition newspaper. Mr Desai has often expressed optimism in the future of Indian democracy and has been a keen observer of the historical political trends […]

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Why had the profiles of Air India protesters been blocked?

Blocked page’s [satellite] Time of bocks 2012-05-12 11:46:00 Why has the government blocked pages and profiles Air India Protesters ? This data was pulled right off the Reliance servers , we all already know that Reliance thinks of itself as its own government and does blocking of pages that is not required by the government […]

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Operation India

Reliance Broadband hacked by Anonymous blocked sites list leaked

A hacker called Isac hacked into the reliance broadband server to leave a message for all users trying to access the internetfrom Reliance Broadband today. It was removed quickly. However, the Reliance server had got hacked on the 15th May earlier. They had got a list of sites blocked on the Reliance network. They had […]

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Operation India

BREAKING: Anonymous Press release on censorship by Reliance – Includes Air India protests

Greetings, Press, ISP, and the Citizens of India With this leak we are proving to you something that no one had ever attempted to prove. The Indian government is not only useless when it comes to protecting and serving it’s people but is also equally powerless when it comes to controlling the big guns such […]

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