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Extortion of inflated loans from farmers during #demonetisation


The Osmanabad District Cooperative Bank Ltd, has started sending notices to farmers with outstanding loans asking them to repay the loans or the bank would take socially humiliating measures against them. So far over 30 farmers in Nagur alone have received these notices; in the Lohara taluka, over 1000 farmers. The notices are dated 14th October 2016, however the farmers claim that they received them on the 23rd November 2016 (the notices are likely backdated, essentially rendering the one month notice meaningless). The farmers have been informed that unless the loans are repaid, they will begin to face recovery process in December.

the Indian Farmer League, but why?

A quick project update: The Vidarbha project to help the farmer: A total of 6.91 lakhs has been raised thus far towards our initial target of 10 lakh.  We are who we are, because of the opportunities we got. Farmers, on the other hand, have become what they are today, because of the opportunities they …

Error in farmer suicide data in Business Standard piece

organic farm beds cultivation

Business Standard has written a piece challenging the data on farmer suicides from Uttar Pradesh titled “As farmers commit suicide, Uttar Pradesh hides their deaths”. It is a pretty good piece and necessary. In the interests of accuracy of information, I am pointing out a correction in the statistics attributed to P. Sainath in the …