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The government viciousness has never been so irrational. All Anupam Kher said was that if the constitution needs to be changed, it should be changed. What is so horrifying about that? He has not said anything about the constitution to be thrown in the trash or any such thing.

The government has charged him with breach of privilege. He is to face a breach of privilege motion in the Assembly. The government’s illegal mafia is on a witch hunt, where one doesn’t need any proof that the words were actually said to initiate action. A committee has been formed.

See the video below and decide for yourself.

The only thing I see here is that Anupam Kher has staunchly supported Anna Hazare’s movement that has brought the government down on its knees. Most of these corrupt politicians including this thug Malik are faced with the very real threat of criminal prosecutions in the very near future. These attacks on supporters of the bill are a vicious and criminal intimidation to demoralize and pressurize those seeking for a bill with strong prosecution against criminal politicians.

It is an utter joke to see Nawab Malik say that Anupam Kher is insulting the constitution. This is the man who had to “resign” because of allegations of corruption. He is most definitely under a big legal axe if the bill gets passed. Apparently looting a country is constitutional, and recommending that a constitution that has been ammended n number of times be ammended in the interests of the people of the country is unconstitutional!

I propose that we all support Anupam Kher. His exact words were

Aur agar samvidhan change karna hai, to samvidhan change hona chahiye

That is it. No insult at all. It is a fact that our constitution has been amended from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with Anupam Kher saying that if a need comes up to amend it, it should be amended. That too, he isn’t saying that amend it. IF it needs to be changed it should be changed is all he is saying. An opinion, not demand.

I propose, that if you agree that Anupam Kher has our best interests in mind, and that he has said nothing wrong, then OWN these words. Say these words publicly. Wherever. Here, in the comments, on your Facebook, on Twitter, make posters for your locality, markers on T-shirts, whatever. If he should face action, we all should face action.

I say right here. The situation in the country is extraordinary. The citizens have spoken up. They do not trust the politicians to do the right thing and they want a body created with the authority to enforce anti-corruption action against corruption in the system. If this doesn’t have a place in our constitution, then our constitution must be amended to make place.

If Anupam Kher was wrong, so am I. I would be honored if someone took the same action against me as him.

Join the Intellectual Anarchy!

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