Sick and tired of being understanding

As I look around at my beloved city ravaged for some obscure purpose, my blood boils. I read around on the net, drawn to the news reports like a horrific accident that I can’t bear or ignore. I see reports of devastated lives and responses from protest marches to non-cooperation.

On the other hand, I read about this sole surviving terrorist, the one hateful guy, and a part of me actually feels compassion for someone who leads such a wretched life that it seems worthwhile to throw it away for an adopted cause. For someone who probably has a family he’s worried about the consequences to. For someone who acted and now sees the ghastly consequences of his own actions. I wonder if it is not remorse (though he doesn’t claim any) that leads him to give so much of helpful information – a way to set things right. Because, while he could have been bluffing, much of his information checked out too.

Not that I’m asking for pardon for him or anything…. just….. pity. Perhaps gratefulness for the information that’s leading us to the source. Though I wish he hadn’t come to India in the first place.

Then I read of Pakistani refusal to deport the men on the wanted list. Demands for evidence as though everything coming up is a joke. Dismissive snubs like the list not containing anything new and not deserving a response….. and my blood boils. While they may be right and enforcing their own policy regarding people in their country, I’m not happy to sit and listen to the wording it is expressed in and no addressal of everything they can’t deny like terrorist captured red handed and his confession leading to finding of abandoned Indian boat (besides other things) with the dead body of the skipper; phones and wallets of terrorists with numbers of LeT members; he identified Muzammil’s voice when he was made to listen to intercepts; Pakistani made stuff like matchboxes, toothpaste, medical kits and clothes from Pakistan; intercepts of phone conversations to numbers in Pakistan; terror email being traced to Lahore address; etc – endless reports all over the net.

If initial reports were contradictory, they cleared up over time as investigation progressed. Not having set up the scene (like some conspiracy theories), the whole country was discovering stuff as the investigations progressed. Sure, the reporting was bad and tinged with panic, confusion and anxiety – you think that’s unnatural under the circumstances?

After all the (unused, or not used enough) intelligence warnings from the CIA, RAW, etc about an LeT attack planned….. You think people putting two and two together and calling it an LeT operation quickly is unrealistic? <—Not even bothering with links here. They are so abundant, if you missed them you need an internet connection.

BTW, so much for calling it impossible because security was not able to prevent it.

Hint: Read up on cognitive dissonance

Warnings to the US of not being able to support the war on terror in case of a strike by India happened at a time when no such thing had been talked about by India and constant references to Pakistan’s nuclear capability as the deterrent to a strike by India abounded – so much for the much claimed sympathy. My blood not just boils, its sick of reacting and wants to ACT.

I wonder how the US feels to actually be blackmailed to prevent a strike when its own policy is to follow the terrorists into their homes and its citizens are victims. I honestly doubt if the US is going to be manipulated as easily this time.

And what does Pakistan mean by “non-state actors”? They don’t belong to Pakistan? In that case, I’m sure they will not mind if we blow them off the face of the earth – after all, they ARE stateless – no country will retaliate.

Imagining myself in the position of our leaders, I wonder what are the things I can do. To begin with, why is it that a smaller country with a smaller nuclear arsenal is a deterrent to us even when we are protecting ourselves? It may not say it, but I bet it shits bricks to think of a retaliation from India and is only not worried because its not fool enough to invite it.

The other thing that pisses me off is that India is expected to be concerned about the stability of Pakistan more than Pakistan itself. Reminds me of a kid with a tantrum who needs someone else to change the diaper. As far as I am concerned, I’m willing to be irresponsible for a bit and let the responsibility for stability fall on US and Pakistan while I hunt for the terrorists I want.

And it need not be that way. Victims from this terror strike were from a variety of countries including US, UK, Israel, Australia… I bet a joint strike targetted toward the locations of the culprits could easily be managed by freezing Pakistan politically with the combined pressure of all these countries. The findings from the investigations are already not hidden from them.

So why in the world does India have to keep absorbing terror attacks only to stop at border lines and nuclear potentials? After all, isn’t passive acceptance a form of encouragement?

The way I look at it, allowing crime is as good as committing it. We have a passive and peaceful image. No one seems to want to shake it, to the extent of victimizing ourselves.

Adopt a handicap and call yourself a cripple. Stop thinking of yourself as a non-violent country when called for, and you empower yourself to stop being defensive and act assertively.

I’m not calling for an all out war, but for whatever it takes ranging from international pressure, to strikes, covert missions to hell, why not, planned disruption of their society to keep the LeT guys busy in their own area – actual terrorist strikes against the terrorist organization, not the country. Send terrorists to blow up their camps, disrupt their training, expose them in their own country, spoil the support they get by making them an embarrassment, trigger conflicts with other terror organizations…… proper state sponsored stuff that we should admit with pride when done. We are a creative country, surely we should be able to come up with options.

If Pakistan wants to trigger a war over damage done to “non-state actors” they can first adopt them and then pay the bill and then we can talk.

The whole point is, we need to act not defend.

More than that, we need to settle this whole issue of who can create the bigger mess – just because we don’t doesn’t mean we can’t.

Added links to the post to reference the proofs and found something interesting. Great minds think alike apparently or maybe they read my post πŸ˜€ – US sets stage for strikes if Pak does not act

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5 Comments on "Sick and tired of being understanding"

  1. lol Animesh. Hadn’t thought that far ahead. In a different mood now. Hadn’t realized that I’d actually have to kill!

    Doesn’t seem like a great idea anymore. πŸ™

    I guess its good I didn’t make a career choice out of terrorism. I’d probable starve to death πŸ˜€

    Perhaps I can go and do some good old fashioned counselling with them. Talk them to death kind of thing….. πŸ˜‰

  2. How silly Animesh πŸ˜›

    Terrorizing civilians is so awfully old-fashioned, don’t you think? What we will do is terrorize the terrorists. Maybe not kill em, but scare them, you know? More like blow up ammo, set false clues for them to figure out, meddle with camp supplies, etc. Keep em busy is the idea. Don’t want to spoil my sterling character over these morons.

    *flicks a speck of imaginary dirt from sleeve*

    πŸ˜€ /

  3. Good post, and yes, links help :).

    However, the following quote worries me:
    “planned disruption of their society to keep the LeT guys busy in their own area – actual terrorist strikes against the terrorist organization, not the country.”

    1. “disruption of society” is what the ISI did to us — are you sure you want to kill Pakistani civilians while causing these “disruptions” ? I’d like to think that you don’t, so request you to be careful about your choice of words.

    2. “terrorist strike against terror organizations”: My definition of “terrorism” is killing of innocent unarmed civilians/non-combatants. What we do to the stolen property present in a theif’s house is not called “stealing”, it is called “reclamation”. Similarly, calling surgical military strikes against terrorists as “terror strikes” will only glamorize the term “terrorism”. Once again, reminds me of “boli ek amol hai, jo koi bole jaani… hiye taraju taul ke, tab mukh bahar aani”.


  4. Thanks Jack for the understanding. That means much in my “need to vent” frame of mind.

    I liked the post on your blog too – the one where we do nothing. Its awesome!


  5. Well said. I can completely understand where your coming from. I sat and watch the towers fall in NY. I miss family members who are deployed in Afghanistan who are shot at by these extremists who then flee across the border back into Pakistan.

    The Pakistani Government needs to get a grip on the internal mess in it’s country before things get out of hand.

    All eyes are on Pakistan now. Will they stand up to Radical Islam or will they allow their country to be torn apart from the inside until the rest of the civilized world has no choice but to act.

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