Shazia Ilmi is ignorant. But is she communal?

Shazia Ilmi

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5 Comments on "Shazia Ilmi is ignorant. But is she communal?"

  1. Just replace “SECULAR” with “NAÏVE” and “COMMUNAL” with “INTELLIGENT” and the whole conversation makes sense. That’s what she meant and nobody should try to read too much into it.

  2. And then the same people criticize political leaders for changing their stance, and want them to shed everything, including power. What is this mentality – yes, you got it right – indian crab

  3. Some people will defend anything, principles be damned. And Vidyut amply demonstrates that

  4. This is age old trolling trick – taking things out of context.

  5. CrossRoads Indi | April 23, 2014 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    The masks had fallen off behind closed doors .
    And Shazia had got on her other Topi.

    One important point has been missed in the transcript: The interjection by Guy One:
    Guy One Interjects: : Nahi, Nahi, secular nahin hein hum secular…… ( Interrupted)

    See below:
    Shazia : me to manti hu musalman …………….,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. itne secular na baniye
    Guy One : nahi nahi humko banna padhega ……………… hume karna padhega..
    Shazia : mein to ulta kehti hu.. Me kehti hu musalman bahut secular hai.
    Guy One Interjects: : Nahi, Nahi, secular nahin hein, hum secular…… (Interrupted by Shazia)

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