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Issues related with various rights, resistance, justice movements, people’s struggles. Awareness mongering to the hilt. Giving voice to causes that need it, bringing to attention things that may be missed. Countering propaganda, undermining discrimination. This area tries to fix the world, one starfish at a time.

10 things to remember when discussing caste reservations

With Hardik Patel ratcheting up the decibels on a daily basis, there is a growing multi-layered, highly organized effort at building public opinion against caste reservations and a beautifully architectered amnesia on the fact that Hardik hardly challenges the state when he demands that elites get reservations or they be removed for all. It is… Read More »

Answering some attempts to discredit Cobrapost on #opBlackRain

Not only have massive killings of dalits not bothered the political establishment, foot soldiers of the ruling #BJP have been on a quest to discredit Cobrapost. Replying to some of their biggest objections instead of individual and repeated replies. Cobrapost is a #Congress puppet This is problematic on several levels. The evidence they bring speaks… Read More »

What is the consequence of killing Dalits in India? #OpBlackRain

When commanders of the Ranvir Sena were acquitted of brutal massacres, Cobrapost conducted sting operations to determine the truth of the matter. What they discovered in a year long operation was killers candidly admitting that they conducted systematic massacres. Killers who spoke of political support, financial support, support in procuring arms as Army rejects and… Read More »

Banks Like Moneylenders Charge @ 21%-36% From Farmers #JaiKisan

On Short Term Crop Loans – BRIBES & Documentation cost and Interest cost 8% for average 3 months  Translates to 36+ Interest Rate on compounding.   On Short Term Loans – BRIBES & Documentation cost around 12% for average 2 Years, @ 14% is 40-45% Charge in 2 years or 21%+  Rate on compounding.  … Read More »