Radicalization is a growing problem worldwide. This is specially true in India, due to the relative lack of law and order. Leaky laws and political impunity for the political and economic elite offer no deterrent. Deradicalization efforts are non-existent and desperately necessary.

Over the years, radicalization has emerged as an efficient tool to harness the opinion of masses to achieve various unethical agendas. Political radicalization has created a rift between citizens to the point divergent political views are stigmatized. Religious radicalization serves to feed political radicalization as well as social unrest.

Inequality is at an all time high and it is increasingly urgent that Indians learn to recognize manipulation and disengage from serving those who would exploit the public at the cost of well being of both country as well as the individuals in it. This section aims to look at the various ways rifts between citizens and reckless imposition of extreme views is happening as well as attempts to explore ways to counter it.

Hatchet job on TM Krishna by Ajith Kumar AS

Open letter to Ajith Kumar AS over his letter about TM Krishna’s letter

Ajith Kumar AS, I read your letter on the Round Table India website that was addressed to “whomsoever it may concern” and being concerned, I choose to reply. I can act all intellectual and Brahmanical over this or I can simply lay it straight. Your letter was a hatchet job on TM Krishna over his …

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cow in a pasture

Hindus do eat beef

Lalu Prasad Yadav’s candid remark on #beef eating “Even Hindus eat #beef” appears to have shocked Sushil Kumar #Modi, and he’s asking Sonia Gandhi and Nitish Kumar for explanations, as though there is something difficult to comprehend about a four word sentence. While the #BJP is busy rewriting #history and and science and textbooks to …

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johari window

Inciting contempt for identities as human rights activism

There is an article in a blog dedicated to Dalit rights activism titled “How should a Brahmin-Savarna respond to a Dalit voice?” I took exception to it on Twitter and ended up breaking India’s “laws” on how Dalits should be spoken to. This apparently means I am a Brahmin supremacist. Some things upfront. I have …

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Satish Acharya cartoon for Sify.com on the cow urine disinfectant for hospitals

The Gobar economy. Finding economic value in barren cattle

When you begin with a conclusion and backfit “science” to prove it, absurd things happen.The Holy Cow seems to be one such absurdity plaguing India these days. Trumpeting the importance of the cow, the Hindutva right governments are all out to “protect” said cows by preventing all cattle slaughter. While cow slaughter is already banned in …

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