Radicalization is a growing problem worldwide. This is specially true in India, due to the relative lack of law and order. Leaky laws and political impunity for the political and economic elite offer no deterrent. Deradicalization efforts are non-existent and desperately necessary.

Over the years, radicalization has emerged as an efficient tool to harness the opinion of masses to achieve various unethical agendas. Political radicalization has created a rift between citizens to the point divergent political views are stigmatized. Religious radicalization serves to feed political radicalization as well as social unrest.

Inequality is at an all time high and it is increasingly urgent that Indians learn to recognize manipulation and disengage from serving those who would exploit the public at the cost of well being of both country as well as the individuals in it. This section aims to look at the various ways rifts between citizens and reckless imposition of extreme views is happening as well as attempts to explore ways to counter it.

Atheism, rationalism, free speech and communalism #NotInMyName

It is rare that one needs to speak up as an atheist and disown the speech or behavior of other atheists as communal hatred. Atheists are usually the smallest minority anywhere and where there is communal violence, they are usually on the receiving end, so the question of atheists being perpetrators of communal hatred rarely …

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Evening prayers at Har-Ki-Pairi Ghat in Haridwar

Hindus Are Not Victims And They Had Better Know It

Why is it becoming more and more uncomfortable to live within one’s own country, among people that we took for granted shared our view of the world? 2014 marked the year in which family and friends turned into aliens and opponents. Conversations invariably broke down at the point where Narendra Modi was seen as the …

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Columnist Harbir Singh makes an illegal post calling for mass violence against Muslims

This post speaks for itself. Harbir Singh is basically calling for violence against Muslims. I am writing this blog to preempt overreactions and suggest that the only correct answer to what is very wrong is doing what is right in an impeccable manner. Hate and violence is not right. Hindus should not support this, Muslims should not …

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Bus burned at Bhosari by Shiv Sena activists

Does the argumentative Indian really exist?

The Indian socio-political space is polarized as never before. The religious and economic right wings came together in an unprecedented show of solidarity and gave India its first Prime Minister who refuses to answer any questioning. The writing was on the wall. Subramanian Swamy had detailed the RSS “plan” as far back as 1999 with remarkable …

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