Press Release: IAC Email list hacked

By | December 26, 2012

Dear Friends,

India Against Corruption regrets to announce that hackers affiliated to the Government of India were able to disable and shut down the IAC’s primary mailing list with over 27,000 registered subscribers/members on 25.Dec.2012 at about 9 pm IST.

The IAC treats this as an act of aggression against the people’s movement, which is now no longer controlled by a clutch of foreign financed Government sponsored collaborators, but is independent, outspoken and a credible counter-force.

The IAC resolves to restore the mailing list as soon as possible. Until then IAC shall be utilising the mailing list of “Humjanenge” RTI group to carry on communications. Messages for IAC can be posted to “” as an interim measure.

Ajay Dixit
National Cyber-media Coordinator
India Against Corruption

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