President Obama calls for a high level meeting with the CIA

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As the voices demanding accountability get louder, there is unverified news from the White House that the President has asked for a top-secret meeting with the CIA.

It is a difficult time for Barrack Obama, indeed all of America, as the Wikileaks cables reveal increasing distance between the intentions and impact of the actions of the United States around the world. With his commitment to the well being of the country, the president finds himself unable to ignore the mounting concerns.

An inside source shared that there is a possibility that this meeting will be focused on the Al-Masri revelations in order to formulate a strategy for recovering lost trust and engaging fully in the process of justice. The CIA agents have been identified and investigations have already begun behind closed doors.

President Obama is expected to make a press statement this evening, and there is great expectation among the citizens of the world, human rights activists and the US allies that a new era of freedom will begin.

Note: Spoof. I wish it were true.


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