By | April 5, 2009

Its a wonderful time in our lives. I’m pregnant. This brings up so many things we hadn’t imagined when we oh so maturely decided that we could plan a baby soon.

Suddenly, all decisions seem to revolve around it. Long term plans, short term plans, will this or that or both together be too hectic? Doctor’s meetings – I didn’t have a regular doctor at all, since I didn’t need one for over 8-9 years. Suddenly, I’m meeting one twice a month.

Concerns – age, smoking, drinking, hectic lifestyle…… and how to manage all that.

Phew! Its quite different from the image of cow-like peace that I had imagined.

One change seems to invite more and suddenly the work facet of my life is going into over drive, with tempting work coming up all over the place. Work that I don’t want to leave, and I’m scared to take up and jeopardise my rest in any way.

Money is a whole new story all together. My monthly finances now have a whole chunk added to them in terms of medicines, doctor’s fees, healthy food, more comfortable travel….. and from all I hear, once the little one is out, it only gets bigger.

Wow! Much to learn, much to cope with.

The good part is, I’m healthy, I’m happy, and both of us are looking forward eagerly to this. Friends and family are overjoyed, supportive and so caring. Its a whole new intimacy with my husband and my near and dear ones.

Life is beautiful.

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