Quick, Make a Law!


This person has a name. A universal name. Its TROLL. Now imagine the forum moderator doing it. And no, you can’t unsubscribe easily. This happens to be your country here.

What is happening with these constant laws is classic trolling of the public space. The troll usually has a point. Microscopic. Then, he takes that point, builds an entire war based on one of the circumstances that point happens in, and fucks up your life with constant interference. Sound familiar?

While this in itself is a nuisance, the troll is doing two things worse.

  1. He is diverting attention from his own violations of forum rules.
  2. He is successfully derailing any constructive dialogue that could improve matters.

Not elaborating here, because I have written plenty on our rulers, opposers and irrelevants, on our police state and its illegitimate citizens and many other articles on this blog itself.

I want to use this space to point out the very real harm this country is going through. We are being converted into unthinking citizen bots. If I tell you to jump and hit you hard enough, you will jump sooner or later. You don’t know why you are jumping. You only know your feet hurt, but you are fucked if you don’t. You are no longer interested in why I want you to jump and if there is any advantage to you, it is long lost in the disadvantages and indignity. Welcome to India.

My latest trigger is our new law for the legal age for drinking to be 25. Before I even consider supporting it, I want this re-passed in the parliament where only people who drank after their legal ages can vote for. Glass houses and all that.

When a vast majority of people are breaking the law, its a good indicator of a bad law. People today drink well before 18. What makes the government imagine that changing the number will change anything about the behaviour? We have so many laws. Most of them unenforced. We have massive human rights issues. We have pending investigations dragging. We need serious overhaul of capabilities. Instead, we are going to send out cops to babysit legally adult citizens? People who can rent a flat legally and do what they like can’t drink? People who can marry can’t drink at their bachelor’s party? Interesting. And what for? They WILL drink anyway post age 25 if they want. What’s the magic number in spending about a third of your life not allowed to do something that is otherwise legal?

I would still have bought this bullshit, if the government had shown any previous track record for sensible laws. Read police state and illegitimate citizens to get a general gist of the state of effectiveness of existing laws. This is an insult, AND a waste of time and energy and an utter squandering of the National Human Resources.

We have a government that only talks to us through dictates. Statistics show a problem, they slap a law, the problem gets worse, no one gives a flying fuck.

I think you get a general idea of what is it that I am ranting about. I want to end here with an incident from my teenage.

My father was this autocratic person who usually was clueless about what was happening in my life. At age 16, we had an argument and I insisted that I would do what I wanted to do. He said that once I was adult, I would have the wisdom to choose wisely, but right now, I should listen to him. I asked right back, “If you think I’m unworthy of trust after 16 years of guidance, what will change in the next two?”

So, I ask our government. If this law generating bot hasn’t been able to improve the behaviour of its citizens through so many laws, what does it imagine this new law is going to achieve?