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The Association for Democratic Reforms, India keeps coming up with all kinds of fascinating data on politicians, which every aware citizen (or wanting to be aware citizen) should keep an eye on. Here’s a fascinating little table they have published in their report on Ten Years of Elections, Crime and Money, which I have converted into a sortable table here.

PARTYCandidates AnalyzedMPs/MLAs AnalyzedCandidates with Criminal Charges% Candidates with Criminal ChargesCandidates with Serious Charges% Candidates with Serious Criminal ChargesMPs/MLAs with Criminal ChargesMPs/MLAs with Serious Criminal Charges% MPs/MLAs with Criminal Charges% MPs/MLAs with Serious criminal chargesAvg Assets of CandidatesAvg. Assets of MPs/MLAsAvg. Assets of MPs/MLAs with Criminal ChargesAvg. Assets of MPs/MLAs with Serious Criminal Charges
INC63222451140722%60510%52720522%8%Rs. 4.32 CroresRs. 5.81 CroresRs. 7.98 CroresRs. 6.75 Crores
BJP56051689135724%55910%52022131%13%Rs. 1.79 CroresRs. 2.88 CroresRs. 3.40 CroresRs. 3.87 Crores
BSP473943090019%47010%1497635%18%Rs. 1.25 CroresRs. 2.73 CroresRs. 2.56 CroresRs. 2.78 Crores
SP209641857928%29314%1809243%22%Rs. 1.52 CroresRs. 4.16 CroresRs. 4.12 CroresRs. 5.45 Crores
CPM116352032028%13512%1114621%9%Rs. 27.31 lakhsRs. 21.21LakhsRs. 20.91 LakhsRs. 2.31 Crores
NCP110322521419%938%672430%11%Rs. 1.56 CroresRs. 3.56 CroresRs. 3.31 CroresRs. 4.14 Crores
JD(U)100527228128%15015%1207544%28%Rs. 1.33 CroresRs. 3.61 CroresRs. 85.49 lakhsRs. 91.98 lakhs
AITC90425620623%12514%836032%23%Rs. 1.36 CroresRs. 1.31 CroresRs. 79.70 LakhsRs.98.81 Lakhs
JD(S)6568113821%6610%261032%12%Rs. 4.72 CroresRs. 7.72 CroresRs. 3.66 CroresRs. 6.16 Crores
RJD61812523638%13221%583346%26%Rs. 57.28 lakhsRs. 70.17 lakhsRs. 76.03 LakhsRs. 89.86 Lakhs
CPI6089112921%457%321135%12%Rs. 28.15 lakhsRs. 29.00 LakhsRs. 21.99 LakhsRs. 35.87 Lakhs
SS61113727445%12621%1034275%31%Rs. 1.20 CroresRs. 2.33 CroresRs. 2.68 CroresRs. 3.55 Crores
AIADMK4262349623%4912%653628%15%Rs. 2.03 CroresRs. 2.89 CroresRs. 5.39 CroresRs. 4.79 Crores
RLD393296517%349%8628%21%Rs. 1.19 CroresRs. 3.79 CroresRs. 6.94 CroresRs. 7.90 Crores
DMK3151678828%3712%572234%13%Rs. 3.01 CroresRs. 2.94 CroresRs. 2.90 CroresRs. 4.89 Crores
TDP3121279029%3210%461836%14%Rs. 5.61 CroresRs. 8.72 CroresRs. 6.33 CroresRs. 2.76 Crores
BJD2331976126%4017%503025%15%Rs. 1.01 CroresRs. 1.10 CroresRs. 62.51 lakhsRs. 53.71 lakh
SAD2091175225%168%25821%7%Rs. 6.02 CroresRs. 6.27 CroresRs. 8.73 CroresRs. 17.34 Crores
AGP180391911%74%215%3%Rs. 62.52 lakhsRs. 77.21 lakhsRs. 54.05 lakhsRs. 23.22 lakhs
IND19819345216911%10575%1115932%17%Rs. 54.62 lakhsRs. 7.23 CroresRs. 11.74 CroresRs. 15.12 Crores
Total6284787901106318%52538%2575118729%14%Rs. 1.37 CroresRs. 3.83 CroresRs. 4.30 CroresRs. 4.38 Crores

To normalize for varying sample sizes, if we look at the percentages of studied politicians alone, we see which parties have the largest numbers of corrupt people in official positions:

[Table2Chart type=”line” excludecols=”2,3,4,6,8,9,12,13,14,15″ width=”1000″ height=”400″]

Worse, it is easy to see the corelation between parties with greater average assets of politicians as well as assets of politicians with criminal cases.

[Table2Chart excludecols=”2,3,4,5,6,7,89,10,11″ width=”1000″ height=”400″]

I am studying these three charts and will be updating this post with my observations in a couple of hours. What are the insights you get from these?

  • Vidyut
  • Vidyut has a keen interest in mass psychology and using it as a lens to understand contemporary politics, social inequality and other dynamics of power within the country. She is also into Linux and internet applications and servers and has sees technology as an important area India lacks security in.

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