Pakistan refuses aid from India because aiwehi?

The world does Pakistan a disservice by continuing to support leeching practices. Every bad process needs to hit a bottom before it can rise. Without that, it is difficult to break away from it. The tendency is to simply do more of the same in the hope that it will be enough. In the process, there is damage to the entire world and Pakistan itself. Change, progress, growth, development….. it needs to begin in the country to be assisted. The US policy of throwing money as encouragement or the Indian policy of indecisive diplomacy only feed the rot.

"Pakistan refuses aid from India because aiwehi?"

Ride to the bait

Update: After getting praise mails that I am, as a journalist encouraging war, I need to state specifically that I am NOT a journalist, and my knowledge of politics is minimal. What I am is a concerned and distraught citizen. My posts are not informed political opinions or advice about policy, but thoughts that cross my mind as I follow this crisis. I am against war and violence. I even feel pity for the poor…

"Ride to the bait"

Indian Media!!! I can’t believe this!!!

Awesome, Isn’t it? How much of a fool can the media make of themselves? The whole Mumbai nightmare has been faithfully punctuated by bad reporting by the media. One terrorist killed at Taj. Seven. uh, it was two. Two! Which two? I thought four…. but that wasn’t at Taj! That was at Oberoi……… If you look at my post that takes a look at how many terrorists were reported dead by the media, you wouldn’t…

"Indian Media!!! I can’t believe this!!!"

Our Missile System… Can Be Fired in Only 10 Minutes

Call me ignorant, but THIS is Pakistan’s idea of peace? What in the world do they have to be preparing and parading their nukes about? Mumbai gets attacked, held hostage; India is devastated; proofs emerge that LeT is involved; Pakistan remains stubbornly blind as usual; Zardari pleads that even if its Lashkar, not to strike Pak; India is talking talks and not war; so what in the world does Pakistan’s nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand…

"Our Missile System… Can Be Fired in Only 10 Minutes"

Sick and tired of being understanding

As I look around at my beloved city ravaged for some obscure purpose, my blood boils. I read around on the net, drawn to the news reports like a horrific accident that I can’t bear or ignore. I see reports of devastated lives and responses from protest marches to non-cooperation. On the other hand, I read about this sole surviving terrorist, the one hateful guy, and a part of me actually feels compassion for someone…

"Sick and tired of being understanding"

Mumbai terror – NOT Intelligence failure

As I read up on all the different reports from the warnings that had been there, I am more and more certain that this was not an intelligence failure so much as a failure to design intelligent responses. What more intelligence is needed? You have warnings about an attack from the sea by captured terrorists, America, reported suspicious movements by fishermen……. Coastal Guard looking out for possible infiltrations….. the intelligence was in place. What intelligence…

"Mumbai terror – NOT Intelligence failure"