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How much damage did Rahul Gandhi’s interview do to Congress?

Tough to say how much Congress is damaged by Rahul Gandhi's interview. In an intelligent world, I'd say the Congress is over. But then, the Congress shop should have been shut at least 3-4 years ago, if not longer. But this is a world that runs on propaganda and deliberate stupidification with the collusion of all parties. So it is really tough to say.

I spoke with some people in the last few days and asked them if they had seen Rahul Gandhi's interview. About 80% of the people said they hadn't. Believe it or not. I talked with them about it, and asked if they were planning to catch a re-telecast if it happened. Most of them weren't all that interested. A few said talking with me made them curious, and if it came on again, they might see it.

Overall my perceptions here. The biggest negative from the interview people had is that he didn't say anything "exciting" or "interesting" etc -  I understood it to mean that the subjects of the interview weren't something they felt strongly about. They hadn't paid much attention to details. Few interesting views I came across. Note: THESE ARE NOT MY VIEWS.

About Rahul Gandhi as a PM candidate

"uski marji hain. woh nahi chahta to Arnab ne force nahi karna chahiye" (It is his wish. If he doesn't want to be PM candidate, Arnab shouldn't force.)

He isn't aggressive enough for Indian politics.

Whatever you say, Congress is the party that has run this country all this time. He is Indira Gandhi's grandson, Rahul Gandhi's son. He grew up knowing how to rule.

As long as Gandhi family is there, people will vote for it (though he himself wouldn't, he said)

About youth empowerment, women's empowerment, jobs and such

Most people weren't interested. General opinion is that politicians say such things.

One man said that he has been hearing politicians promise such things for years. Anyone you vote for will promise you this.

Woman seemed a bit resentful. Everyone talks about women. But our life remains the same. What is the use?

naukri hogi to accha hoga par kar ke dikhana chahiye. ye to abhi bolte hain phir election ke baad bhool jaate hain

About the Rahul Gandhi's comments on the Sikh riots

Most people had no real idea of the magnitude of the riots as anything different from other riots though they did know "Congress did them" - this is quite contrary to the public knowledge on social media. One person thought of the Anti-Sikh riots as larger than they were "dasaon hajaar sikhon ko kaat diya" (tens of thousands of Sikhs were cut down). Many (about 6-8) of the people did not understand any special significance into Rahul Gandhi being asked about those riots in particular. Two people brought up the Assam riots and Muzaffarnagar as more recent and needing attention.

The BJP may have helped Congress with regard to handling PR for 1984, because most people thought that "rival parties exaggerate riots and try to trap main leaders to make them lose election" or some variation thereof.

Astonishingly, not even a single person held Rahul Gandhi's denial of Congress involvement against him. Excuses ranged from "he was young at that time" to "how will he publicly admit?". One strange comment was "if he admits, he only will get arrested" no idea how that computed, though the naive belief that Rahul Gandhi could be arrested for saying the wrong thing delighted my heart for a while.

Other responses

Some other common responses.

Not interested in politics.

Aam Aadmi Party is "apni tarah" it will be good if they start here.

Vote for Modi.

Note: This isn't a proper scientific survey, but my observations - from memory of casual conversations. Sample size is not large (30-40 people), and ours is a lower middle class to working class area where few spend extensive time watching TV and those are usually housewives interested in talent shows and soaps. Shopkeepers and people with jobs usually don't get much time for TV at all - whether NaMo or RaGa.

6 thoughts on “How much damage did Rahul Gandhi’s interview do to Congress?

  1. Davin

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    1. Vidyut

      This is strange. I am manually taking you out of the list altogether, though your email is showing up as unsubscribed. Apologies for the spam. There had been issues when I moved between newsletter softwares, with subscribers from another list getting mixed up. I did remove the ones I could reasonably make out would be irrelevant to this blog, but .... it is not easy, since I have no control on who sign up, so no real way of identifying. 🙁

  2. raman

    I agree that congress has lost significance for common man. Also I don't think he can damage the party more than it already is...
    When there is complete chaos, any strike would bring order to the system. So in a way his interview did benefit the party.

  3. Karthik Kini

    Correction required in the 6th paragraph, "He is Indira Gandhi’s grandson, Rahul Gandhi’s son." Should be Rajiv Gandhi's son!

    1. Vidyut

      Thanks 😀

  4. Danish Ahmed

    My opinion had been pretty much the same. What could RG possibly could have to say that would interest me. I still haven't seen but have read transcripts. Interestingly, its mostly Sanghis who are going overboard with the (mis-)interview for sadistic pleasure. Ironically they are fogetting 2 key factors. Congress core constituency, the poor , don't watch English news channel, all they get to hear is that Rahul has finally arrived. Too much nevative campaign against Sonia Gandhi contributed to the fall of NDA


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