Keep up the momentum AAP!

It is a dramatic moment. All exit polls are preditcting an AAP win in Delhi. Whether AAP wins or loses, this is the golden opportunity for AAP to take some actions that will allow it to grow and save far more time in the future.

Win or lose, AAP has shown that it can storm the streets and get information to voters. Delhi being a city, it is easier perhaps, but the methods created by volunteers are effective and can be replicated as needed.

Perhaps, it is time to take stock of how many volunteers booked tickets to return home to places with elections coming up, and send more volunteers behind them to create new bases. It may be time to see where AAP already has large teams and check out smaller elections that will require less resources and cover manageable areas for a new and highly motivated party. For volunteers with experience to hit the road to build party instead of leaders already busy in Delhi.

Once a government is in place, whether AAP is in rule or not, the need for the avalanche of volunteers will die out. At this moment, they are engaged totally. This is the time to identify new tasks and give those still energized and wanting to forge forward something to head towards instead of dispersing. Whether it is creating more effective networks in Delhi or identifying a new state or smaller election to contest or something else. Building momentum takes time. Redirecting it is easier.

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  • I don’t know about others but I do trust Today’s Chanakya. So I think AAP will get majority. From what I have heard from friends, they were able to get votes as the selected candidates went to their constituency after getting elected unlike other migratory birds(read MLAs) who are only seen in the season of elections.
    But this is just an opportunity for them to prove themselves. Change will come suddenly, but it will come after quite some time of gradual hardwork.
    If they keep going back to their voters afters getting elected again for feedback, guidance and ideas; other parties will have to follow this kind of model which will bring back accountability of elected representatives.

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