Interesting update: Gopinath Munde graduates in 1976 from college established in 1978

In a continuing saga of fake educational qualifications, Gopinath Munde of BJP has stated in his signed affidavit for the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 that he has graduated B.J.L., from New Law College, Pune, 1976.

Munde Gopinathrao Pandurang Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Constituency- BEED MAHARASHTRA - Affidavit Information of Candidate

He has claimed the same in 2004, while in 2009, he states B.J.L. without mentioning college.

Now here is the catch  New Law College, Pune was established in 1978. Two years AFTER he graduated from it.

New Law College, BVDU, Pune

Howzzat for time travel?

Update: Gopinath Munde’s website mentions him joining ILS college in 1971 on the page about his initiation to politics, though there is no mention of graduation or which college he graduated from. His 5-page “about” section makes no mention of any graduation for himself, though his wife, Pradnya is stated to be a “graduate and perfect housewife”…. all of which leads one to wonder whether politicians are honest in any place at all when speaking of their realities.

Will the real educational qualifications of Gopinath Munde stand up?

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  • Shocking to hear that Gopinathji is dead.. A true obituary to great leader

  • you moron he just stated new college its ils new college not bharathiya vidya peeth. all aaptards are morons to the core.

    • I don’t know his life history, I am going by his affidavits signed under oath. Why don’t you ask him why he is writing wrong name of college on his affidavits?

  • Gopinathrao munde is graduate from ILS LAW COLLAGE PUNE, not frm new law cllg pune.

  • he is a 5 time mla he is an mla from 1980 he should have filled all those forms so check them out also and find. these forms are now mostly filled by election agents so there must be some error.he is a lawyer from ils law college from dont get excited and do some other useful work.

  • this is the exposition of fake degrees of Modi’s cabinet..
    Actually most of his cabinet colleagues are not well educated and they have taken fake degrees.
    See gopinath took degree in advance from such a college which was established later than it issued degree to Mr. Gopinath Munde hon’ble rural development minister..

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