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Diyar AAP supporters, it is working. Stay cool.

I saw some supporters of AAP sounding angry about the targeting by bjp trolls and media. I don't think this is such a bad thing for AAP and the proof is in the continued rise of donations after each episode of slander.

But it isn't about money alone. If bjp did not see Aam Aadmi Party as a threat, they would have far more important priorities in the run up the elections. That AAP is such high priority is in itself encouraging. Additionally, we KNOW that they do not connect enough with the people to gauge what convinces them. What they want to believe is a far cry from what people are willing to believe and again, we see that in the continued public response to AAP.

Do you know that media reports that BJP leaders who earlier wanted to contest from Delhi no longer want that because of the AAP threat? That is the AAP Effect. The polls seem to think Aam Aadmi Party will get 1-5 seats in UP, the debate AAP participated in about UP seats ended with a poll that didn't even show AAP as an option, yet AAP's second most donations are from UP. What does that tell you?

Whether favorable or unfavorable, media is a fact of life in India. There is little AAP can do against a media determined to enact a bias. On the other hand, while the media fails to convince the masses, it is only magnificent publicity for how far the effort can go to silence the voice of the common man. You cannot buy this. It is a gift. A side effect of the only way traditional politics knows how to manipulate voters.

It is the age of the internet and Facebook and WhatsApp. More than that, it is an age where a country completely hopeless about government came to life in a series of events deeply entwined with AAP's history. This is what people have experienced. Not much can be done to tell them they did not experience it. What will happen is only publicity for the witch hunt, because it is so visible to the eye wanting its own goals come true.

I think it is important that we do not distract them from this important service they are doing for Aam Aadmi Party, however inadvertently. It would be far tougher to deal with a media silence or an unbiased media, because that would not trigger emotions and stay in the mind of the voter as an anger over attempts to con them into agendas that don't belong to them.

It has not escaped the mind of any common man of India that the Delhi government took rapid actions in the interest of people. Experts may debate them and argue they weren't good, but there's only so much you can do to tell a person that cheaper electricity or water was not in their interest.

Trust that AAP's vision has emerged from the masses and thus belongs to them. They are closer to it than the TV screen. The TV screen only reminds them of the threat to it.

It may be irritating or angering, but now the time is to stay on track. Do the campaigning, do the promoting, come up with new ideas to engage with the masses, and leave it to leaders who will fearlessly face any accusations with their best honesty to deal with the media. Slander can be invented, but the fact that AAP leaders will come and answer every accusation, no matter how hostile, over and over only becomes more and more obvious the more it happens. The more AAP leaders return to known hostile interviews and STILL face them, the more it becomes obvious that no one else is doing it. The more the AAP name keeps coming to people's minds.

Given an unfavorable media controlled by interests AAP is attacking, this is probably the most favorable way they could do this. Perhaps, orders and collusions apart, there are enough with a soul in media to understand the impact and let it favor AAP even if uncomfortable when they cannot openly do it. Imagine what would happen if AAP vanished off all news till elections or simply got reported matter-of-factly with little detail to object or approve or understand the party. Disaster. This is far better.

Arvind Kejriwal and others have raised the bar on public interaction to a place where it is too late for the others to even begin to compete. Trust that. Trust people to understand what they see and understand what they are told to see.

For most of AAP workers, it is time to ignore media completely. Leave it to leaders, work on the ground, work on the internet engaging with people rather than trolls. People vote. Trolls vote one vote per hundred accounts :p

Chill. Enjoy being a part of history being written. Enjoy taking your beloved party out to people and showing them how they can speak through it. Share what you find special about being a part of Aam Aadmi Party. Be the wind of change. That's not such a bad thing.

Might as well start here. Do leave a comment about what you find special about Aam Aadmi Party.

10 thoughts on “Diyar AAP supporters, it is working. Stay cool.

  1. Aakritty

    Thanks Vidyut! Here's what I find special about AAP: gives me hope.
    I don't have to compromise. I don't have to elect politicians facing criminal charges to get developed (No thank you modiji).
    Makes me want to do better. Makes me want to care for my country and not take things for granted.
    Makes me want to dream of a better future. Makes it all seem like a possibility. 🙂

  2. Ganesh Patil

    This is another great article from you. I appreciate not only the way you explain any issue buy more important the type of issue (current and very important). Salute u for the work we r doing. Jai Hind


    🙂 🙂

  4. Velmurugan

    Vidyut, you are such an awesome motivator. You deserve everything that is best for the human beings around the globe. Continue your great writing.

  5. Arvind Srinivasan

    Awesome note..just in time to cool the nerves
    Arvind - Bangalore South Constituency

  6. D K

    Excellent! Aap has to always stand for what other parties have jettisoned viz. truth, honesty, probity, tolerance, good manners, equity, equality and transparency. Truth will always shine amongst untruth. More than the so-called rich and mighty the aam aadmi somehow smells truth and he/she can't be persuaded so easily. It is the 'powerful' who are persuaded easily. Please keep it up. We want more blogs like this from you.

  7. Yash Jha

    Good effort. This really encourages us. Thanks.By the way a humble request to our AAP volunteers not to indulge in violence and not to fight or discredit others for tickets.Once again, Thanks a lot for this post

  8. raman

    Exactly. Nobody believes Indian media. Not even in villages. I have traveled quite a lot and people treat media as entertainment only. "Pta nahin asal mein kya hua hoga".
    So the real fight is not against mass misinformation campaign of media - they are only hurting themselves. The real fight is to win the Indians who have been hardened by misinformation to become first class skeptics. The former is not even a fight, but the latter fight is tough.

    1. Vidyut

      Thank you raman. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments on the post. I think they unfailingly add a dimension and perspective to every subject 🙂

      1. raman

        Thank you instead. Your articles are very intellectual and your hard work in getting information for what you are talking about shows. I try not to miss any, and if I do, I try to read them next time I am free. I don't know how to put it, but they are refreshing, and end up giving me some hope for India.


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