Sailgate: The Party that Wasn’t

Update 2: I received a takedown notice for this post as per the much hated IT Rules today 16-05-2012 at 4:15pm. This is a real take down notice by the solicitors of the Duttas, not Operation Test Drive. Considering that the motion for annuling the IT Rules is being moved in the Rajya Sabha by Sri. P. Rajeeve tomorrow, and I have 36 hours to take the post down, I am letting this remain on the hope that there is a strong indication of the IT Rules being annulled. If that doesn’t happen, I will be taking this down at some point before 36 hours from 4:15pm today are up. This is┬áprecisely┬áthe problem with IT Rules – the arbitrary power to censor or be taken by rich people to the LAWndry. I have to do it, I don’t have to like it. images below are the takedown notice (NOT the one in next update..

Update 1: This post contains edits based on the letter by Lt Col Gautama Dutta and Anju Dutta’s legal representative.

This post has been deleted.