Failed democracy created the vacuum for people’s movement

This is a guest article by Shri Tyagi You may find him on Twitter @shri_tyagi

Anna hazare who was not known to many Indians three months ago, has became the hero and crusaders against corruption. His campaign has been supported by all corners in India regardless of age, caste and creed; however some sections in media have criticized his way of change and argued that it subverts democracy, and further it sets the wrong precedent for future. And the way joint committee has been set up since it includes the member of civil society, that empowers the self-appointed representative of civil society in authoritarian way because they are not accountable to people and so it subverts the democracy.

Few self-appointed intellectuals in media argue that elected representative are accountable for the people of country and they raise the question that same can not be said about civil society.

First let me destroy the whole argument of democracy and accountability. India is democracy on paper not in reality. There are thousands of rule of law which exist in India and varies to individual to individual. For instance, there is one rule of law applied to poor, second for rich, third for corporate houses and fourth for politicians.

Further, as India has four pillar of democracy, all have not deliver on their merits. Lower Judiciary has been failed to provide justice to poor, judges have been fixed and bought, parliamentarian have not brought the laws for addressing concern issues , corruption is one of them., and government has not deliver the governance. On the top of this , media has faced the criticism for paid news and Nira radia tapes have expose the cosy clubs of politician, corporate and journalist, however some section of media has done a commendable job recently and expose the several corruption cases such as 2G,CWG, adarsh etc.

Let me discuss a scenario here, a poor victim who do not have a money to manage both end meets, how he or she can fight for justice where judicial system take 20 or 30 years to deliver the result and required lot of money, on the top of this that result can go against the victim. The reason why I am highlighting that result can go against the victim because it is easy to buy public prosecutor and even judges at the level of lower court or even high court; however at the level of Supreme Court the scenario can be different.

Moreover, even being a victim, one has to pay five or ten thousand rupees to sub Inspector to register a FIR, so this is the reality of democracy. So it seems the some section of media driving a propaganda on the behest of their bosses or they are not aware of Indian democracy, and arguing that there can be no change in the type of democracy we have but our founding fathers or the people who fought for the Independence of this country had not dreamed the democracy which we have.

Further, electing people and sending them to parliament, can not only be democracy, there is more to this. Unfortunately, we have been failed to send the right people to the parliament but its onus upon political system, not on people. As majority of right thinking people want to keep themselves away from politics and even it is not the cup of tea of them, because either one should be very rich, or belongs to political family or have a criminal record, so this is criteria to get elected parliament but democracy says each and every individual can fight for election but unfortunately it is not happening or even impossible in present scenario.

So Many sitting in TV studios arguing that Lokpal will not bring enough change as we need lots of reforms such as political reform, electoral reform, but I argued lets us start from lokpal. One can not argue that if lokpal can not change everything so do not bring this as well, it is foolish argument.

Further, some argued that tomorrow anybody will go on hunger fast and will ask to fulfil the demands. I reject this argument because I have enough confidence in Indian public that they will not support each and every hunger fast and individual before judging their intentions and seriousness of that cause.

Therefore, I suggest that our politician has failed democracy and it has created the vacuum for this movement, and whenever there will be a vacuum, there will movement for change, and I believe that it will help in strengthening democracy and those who argues that it subverts the democracy, I want to ask them are they sleeping from last 60 years?, when a single Nehru-Gandhi family ruling county for 50 years, even though they do not write a single piece.

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