Was reading between headlines in my feedreader:

  • Call girl racket busted, two women among five arrested
    They earned money, cops didn’t. Therefore arrested.
  • Indresh Kumar subjected to torture – RSS
    They didn’t believe him when he said he was innocent.
  • Gates warns of civil-military disconnect in China
    Don’t think it won’t happen to you.
  • Five ministers drawing salary after devolution in Pakistan
    They were being paid by the government for reasons other than being ministers.
  • Gunmen kill female police officer in Pakistan
    Expect showers of rose petals
  • “Fatwas must be backed by credible Islamic scholarship” says the Grand Mufti of Egypt during a visit to India
    There is Islamic scholarship Muslims agree about as credible?
  • We want our country back as it wz before it was occupied by bothIndia and Pakistan
    They want to add Brits to this fray!!! Good idea though, if it means Pakistan can be evicted.
  • Why religious extremism unnerves extremist leaders
    The ones who weren’t unnerved got shot.
  • Onions at Rs.5/- per kg soon?
    But you must get bank loans to buy them for now.
  • BBC News – India ‘to cut Kashmir troops by a quarter’
    Its winter
  • Islamabad – Samjhauta investigations going at snails pace
    We have already released Saeed
  • Vested interests hampering Kashmir solution – Pillai
    Stubborn fools just won’t agree!
  • India tea prices drop on poor quality supply
    Not to worry the drop is still less than our profit from the quality control changes.
  • North-East chief ministers appeal to NRIs for investment
    If we wait for the center to take notice, we’re f**ked
  • Bihar – more children in school, but quality of education is very low
    They were better off at home
  • Pakistan seeks report on Samjhauta blasts probe
    They want to place it in its own section in the National Museum for all to look and marvel
  • India to grow faster than China in 2012 – World Bank
    Nah, US is still ‘friends’ with us.
  • “We welcome a China that plays a constructive role on the world stage.”
    We demand that China play nice with us in Asia – or else!
  • India to grow faster than China in 2012 – World Bank, FM plays it down
    He is scared of China. Wait! So am I! They roast little bloggers on hot coals and make chopsuey!


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