Political predictions after Delhi poll

BJP will continue to sit on the fence without risking a minority government and cover up pretending it is the Aam Aadmi Party who should be making one and not BJP. No logic will be provided for this, but enough noise will be made that no one notices. Aam Aadmi Party and BJP will both recommend each other to take Congress support and form government. Everyone will ignore the few noises Congress will make about not supporting. Congress will go into complete disconnect with reality and attempt to turn the clock back to the Jan Lokpal days, when it could have stood by its word and prevented this calamity befalling them. They have already announced they will pass Lokpal Bill. I have no doubt they will do so. Anna will be back in the limelight as an alternative reason for passing Lokpal Bill, since no one will want to admit that it is an ass covering mission after the stunning AAP googly at Delhi elections followed by announcements of AAP take offs in various parts of the country. Anna will be a nice, tame reason to pass the bill and allow Congress to pretend that it keeps its word. BJP and Congress will continue with knee jerk bickering leading to an unnecessarily hungry Anna and his supporters will plead with him to break his fast. He will refuse. They will plead. God knows how that resolves. 5 minutes after breaking his fast or within 12 hours (depending on some other factors, which I will keep secret for now), Anna will declare that he always believed that walking Gandhiji’s path would bring a Lokpal to India and that turning to politics was not necessary. This timing may extend by another 12 hours if it is after 6pm that the Lokpal news breaks. Alternative possibility is Kiran Bedi says this, in which case she may make another attempt to influence what AAP does in favor of BJP. It won’t work. Within 8 hours of the above coming true, BJP Social Media mafia will go all out challenging AAP to disband saying that they had said they would not contest elections if the Jan Lokpal bill had passed. People like me will blow a fuse saying many promises made, and will trash AAP if they even think of shutting down. AAP people will calm down everyone saying that now AAP is in politics and not turning back. Much noise and blame will follow. Some scandal will hit (possibly the Cobrapost upcoming new sting – Operation Falcon’s Claw – unless it has already happened). Everyone will disengage and return to their corners to lick wounds, take stock and plan for reelection. Congress and BJP will be worried people, but AAP will be the most harassed people. AAP will also face challenge of the “down” after the high when people start poking holes based on what media feeds them. The lack of a PIO being appointed after all the noise during the Save RTI campaign will continue to be a blot that few will notice normally, but can be exploited on whim till the point they actually do it. AAP will need to remobilize their people, as unlike the other two parties, there does not seem to be a common control point in the aftermath of the elections while leaders go around doing interviews and such – possibly from lack of experience. Luckily their volunteers are also law abiding, so it may not be too damaging. Here are some nice tips that can be used to keep people invested and working hard :p I imagine it won’t be so different for Aam Aadmi Party either 😀 Sheila Dixit is out for good. Rahul Gandhi will either go through a transformation or continue to fall into oblivion. Congress will struggle to “patch” up their credibility, like putting a band aid on a perforated intestine. More predictions will happen at that point depending on how these go. Updates or details may be added to this post on whim.

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