I’m really into news these days. After my previous irritation with the police in J&K and the human rights issues, here are more pieces of the same cake. The Indians who applaud them for ‘saving’ India from terrorists really need to look around them and decide what to believe.

This first one is a comical incident. Two guys were escorted to the court by three cops. For some reason, the trial didn’t happen. The police parked the two murder suspects and absconded. Later, the suspects return back to the police station after having rescued and brought back two of the cops safely – drunk!!! We must start a series on real life jokes.

The second is about a brave Superintendent of Police, who investigated a tip off and caught three constables extorting money red handed. When they tried to make a getaway, she caught the drivers collar through the window of their car and refused to let go. She got dragged by the vehicle for 1-2 kilometers (sources vary) and got injured. The constables got away, but are suspended and there are people looking for them. This incident caught my eye for the bravery of the SP and the stand against corruption, which I admit, is really on my mind these days. The article itself is a really sad piece of journalism.


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