Today, as I traveled from home to the Resonate Consulting office, where I have started working for the past couple of months, I was watching the world around me as the rickshaw negotiated traffic.

On the highway, there was a traffic jam. Horns blared, irritation was in the air and there were many people held from their priorities. I was to reach the office to work on something important and urgent, and I was impatient myself.

Some street kids came begging for money, others came to try to sell me things. Annoyed, I waved them away.

A child caught my eye. It was sitting on the divider near an area where some repair work was happening. Oblivious to the ponderous priorities of the world, he was lost in his own world, talking to some invisible companion. From the look of things, he was giving some instructions. He was trying to act stern and in command, but excitement bled from every gesture. I don’t know what exactly he was doing, but it was obvious that in the middle of all that dirt and grime and pollution and horns and unsafe traffic, he had found something that captured his enthusiasm.

That moment was enough to anchor me, and I felt my stress drifting away. I was to sit in traffic. I couldn’t help it, but surely I had a choice whether I wanted to spend that time stressing myself out or enjoying myself.

I found myself humming songs under my breath the rest of the way. I would work on the work when I got there, and until then I would enjoy myself.

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