I get loads of bright ideas. In fact, I’m famous for them, but there are so many things I begin, but don’t continue. I have a game plan which seems to be working somewhat. I have stopped beginning stuff that will need effort over time to flourish, unless I work out a time plan on how that effort is to be acheived.

Slowly, I’m integrating stuff I’ve abandoned into this time plan as well, so that my back log of wannados goes down. Of course, I don’t really deal with everything. I simply chuck a lot of stuff which still sounds tempting, but there is no way I can fit it into a 24 hour day with other priorities already making demands.

This gets my life mre organized, and surprisingly, I’m acheiving far more than before, but with much less stress. I’m pretty sorted on what I should be getting into when I have some time free, as well as stuff I need to drop all I’m doing and get down to, so that I don’t miss it.

Things I have managed to deal with successfully:

  1. Improvements on website: I have created a schedule for stuff like writing, improving/editing, creating graphics/fiddling with templates, link building, ads and other money making things, and so on. I have also created a sequence fort he sites I own, so that I don’t end up doing one area everytime and ignoring the others. Plus, I can now do as little as one page every day and pick up where I left off on the sequence rather than making numerous new beginnings.
  2. Blogging: I have created a variety of blogs for a variety of interests. They are really things I want to write about, but its never going to be good blogging unless I can get some kind of a rythm to it. I now have scribefire installed on my Firefox, which lets me easily publish to any of my many blogs anytime from my browser itself. Needless to say, its a handy reminder that I should be writing, and I end up writing far more.
  3. I take some time every day for my work related emails. Its not a fixed time, but depends on the mails that have come in, but a minimum of twice a day is routine.
  4. I take time off for physical work and home related stuff which I make sure I do everyday, and also make sure it doesn’t intrude on other times. Keeps the home and business neat and well-tuned and actually lets me have more time for creative stuff.
  5. I take time to fool around. General forums, discussions……..surfing around for stuff that interests me… and I combine it with my blogging time sometimes when something inspires me and results in an immediate post through scribefire.

Needless to say, my life is getting more and more manageable, and I hope I don’t take this for granted and slip unnoticeably into the old chaos and hurry and panic routine.


Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

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