Pakistan refuses aid from India because aiwehi?

Indus flood 2010 in PakistanIndus flood 2010 in Pakistan

Okay, so it is politically incorrect to criticize a country while its going through a tough time. I’m doing it. My newsreader tells me about how the aid for the flood victims is ‘not enough’ and how Pakistan acted all diva about accepting Indian aid.

Headlines speak of donor fatigue and how victims in Haiti got better responses and theories about how earthquakes are are perceived as more need than floods and other nonsense. Donors aren’t fatigued. The world has a tremendous capacity to reach out. They are only not in the mood to pour money into black holes.

Where is the incredible Muslim world when it comes to aid or China for that matter with its enormous economy and love affair with Paksitan? Or, is it that banned organizations are all there is? What kind of aid has been received in comparison with the evil west? Pakistan has been crying wolf and acting all victimized for ages. It has been taking Western money and bad mouthing. Then, what money comes in is heard lining people’s pockets, or funding the army. India apparently is its largest threat. How? Because people say so.

Never mind that India couldn’t care less as long as they kept their chief export to themselves – terrorists. Along side, we still have border violations happening. This is soldiers firing, not militants. Either the government can’t command its Army, or it can command and is commanding. We have the US double crossed in the War against terror. Though I admit, I saw it coming when I first heard that Pakistan was a “strategic ally”. My jaw hit the floor in disbelief, and well… lets just say either this is a whole deception by the US, or they are so gullible that Pakistan should actually get an award for helping them learn. I mean, come on!

Musharraf chose to align with the US as an option to getting bombed to the stone age. Does that sound like a motivated choice? Actually, it would be a lie to consider Pakistan as cheating the US, because their stand on the matter was rather transparent. US seems to forget that while it can coerce countries, it can’t actually live and think for them. It is the apparent surprise over Pakistan’s ‘treachery’ that is the surprise.

Honestly, in Pakistan’s place, I’d have done the same. I’d do what it took to survive, no more, and I’d certainly find ways to do what I wanted to do – mess with India and pull strings in Afganistan. If it came with a bonus of money, weapons, political support…. that was a windfall. Yet, I couldn’t be purchased. I’m a person.

If Pakistan didn’t have those nuclear weapons, it would have been hosed down right along with Afganistan and I dare say life would actually have been better for all concerned, even Pakistani people. Instead, its caught in this pseudo collaboration that alienates it from its real strategic partners and creates havoc in the country. This pretense has killed more people and cost more than the damage feared from those nuclear weapons already.

Pakistan got a heck of a lot of money, modernization, weapons, political support, leeway against its crimes, and more. Possibly the largest thing it got was being heard as though its claims made sense – which certainly wouldn’t have been indulged unless the US wanted to humour them.

But this ‘gain’ doesn’t register, because it lost something critical – authenticity. The people have no clue what the government means by fighting their heroes agaisnt the infidels. By the time they get around to understanding the concept, other things happen. Sometimes the militants are heroes, other times its political parties, religious leaders, army…. Things were far more honest when they were outright fighting India tooth and nail. Right or wrong, at least the people ‘understood’ what their country was doing.

Today, we have social networking sites where citizens of this ‘ally’ pour vitriol against the West…. right along India, government and the world in general. All through, Pakistan has been the ‘victim’ and has never been treated well. Long before this war against terrorism started, Pakistani Muslims felt wronged about being treated as second class Muslims by the Arabic speaking ones. Kashmir of course had been stolen by India, while Balochistan was their right. Terrorism in India was their holy fight and Indians were their real threat.

I guess the only blessing was that the War against Terror has kept them from getting into another war with India. In all these years, I have yet to hear of this country compromising, appreciating what they got or even simply stopping whining. No matter what the world gives, or how much. Nothing is EVER enough, because they ‘deserve’ more. So, if this time, it really isn’t enough, how would the rest of the world even know? Sure, there is loss of life and property, but the fact is, no amount of aid will make people alive again, or build villages overnight. It will need to be done, and done by Pakistan.

The world has seen too much of melodrama to continue to unquestioningly spoonfeed while Pakistan sits back and asks for more because its in such a terrible state. Its time the country stopped bemoaning its fate and rolled up their sleeves and got to work building dignity rather than distinctions of what isn’t. I guess governments have too many objectives to achieve that prevents them from calling a spade a spade – to the expense of money and lives of its citizens and soldiers, but there is nothing to stop everyone who has a choice to think “Look ma, the emperor has no clothes!”

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