Pakistan China India – now what?

Okay, so maybe I’m stupid for bringing this up Pakistan and China” href=”” target=”_blank”>China in Gilgit Baltistan? When we first discovered China’s presence in Kashmir, it was well after other newspapers had been reporting it for two days at least. Then suddenly there were reactions ranging from “oh ok” to chest thumping and asking China its intentions. Lot of hot air, and poof. Its gone from attention again.Indian soldiers at Siachen

I hate to do a BJP number, but what the heck – is this all we learned from 1962?

Current scenario is that up to 11,000/- parked in Gilgit Baltistan apparently as labourers on projects helping Pakistan. Yet, the news is carefully out of Pakistani papers. Why? If that is allĀ theirĀ all weather friend is doing, why keep quiet on it?

11,000 soldiers is no small amount. For example, the Kargil intrusion was 5,000 soldiers, give or take (since Pakistan released no numbers). Chinese soldiers are already harassing Ladakh. The other political games continue.

But here is the big one – if Pakistan could sell its very soul to America in order to get leverage against India, what do you think China would be expected to do if it wants Gwadar port to happen? China isn’t exactly philanthropic enough to create a port out of the goodness of its heart.

China wants that road to the sea, and it doesn’t exactly love India. I don’t think they want war with us, which is probably why this thing is going so casually. China is probably praying that Kashmir gets resolved and it doesn’t need to squander much needed resources and open a new conflict front. On the other hand, if the choice is between the road to the sea (which it needs for oil, it isn’t a luxury) and India’s happiness, what will the vote be?

I do hope that after two wars of not detecting intrusions on time and a war with China where we got our asses spanked, our intelligence is on the ball enough to be paying attention to this. However, there is no indication. Preparedness and stuff like that will only help us cope with it, but what are we doing to assert ourselves now, to create a scenario where this whole takeover of the Kashmir issue by China can be headed off and our interests remaining on the table?

Indian soldiers silhouetted against the borderI am not saying to get into a war. In fact, I am saying the opposite. Rather than wait untill things reach breaking point and military interventions, why not work to make that war less likely in the first place?

For once, the BJP really has it right. The Congress is too…. unconcerned… with security. I dread to think what would happen if Kargil happened with Manmohan Singh as the PM. There are no strategies, no proactive steps, no attention to the armed forces – not for addressing abuse issues, not for providing much needed interaction and involvement. Some acknowledgment, some sense of pride, respect will go a long way in addressing abuses even. A person acts like scum only when he thinks no one is looking or cares, not when they are on the stage in full honor. If Pakistani Army is the real ruler of Pakistan, the Indian Army has been reduced to a fetch and carry boy or at best a police force. Go boy, keep Kashmir in order, go boy, don’t let the North east make a noise. Boy, be prepared, I might just want you to handle the Maoists. Oh, and where did you put those people you had rescued? I want them for an interview.

And while the pride of the Nation is out doing the metaphorical grocery shopping, what is happening with the real things it is intended for? Have we treasured the Army enough that it is a matter of pride that misconduct is fixed immediately, or is it like a dowdy woman sitting at home knowing no one cares how she looks anyway?

I don’t want to be the voice of doom and gloom, but I want to say upfront that Kashmir wasn’t the only neglect India is guilty of. India has neglected itself. Its people, its Army, its values. We have simply found the economy horse to flog, and we have lost the capability of comprehending other things and forming coherent responses. America seems to have cracked the code, so we are blindly aping everything we can. In the meanwhile, what America doesn’t have specs for is neglected – Indian culture, language, food, people (the ones who aren’t ‘modern’), Army….

If we can’t wake up now, how can we blame Maoists losing trust in the National Process? Have we actually shown any indication of noticing or taking seriously anything beyond that which is glaring in our faces? Like China. Like Pakistan. Like the security mathematics of Chinese troops, LeT rallys claiming nuclear attack being acceptable but India should be fought, a government that can’t protect its own and a middle class that may long for revolutions, but at the end of the day will forget everyone killed to not risk its own hide. What does the total come up to in terms of possibilities, or opportunities we are putting in front of them?


Update: In the news now.

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  1. @Mukta You wouldn’t believe how right you are. We are on the day 4 of Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption, and I just added the video of the Chinese presence in Pak

  2. @Mukta You wouldn’t believe how right you are. We are on the day 4 of Anna Hazare’s fast against corruption, and I just added the video of the Chinese presence in Pak

  3. I guess India is in worse shape then I thought. Not sure what people living there are thinking, of course govt is busy scaming.

  4. I guess India is in worse shape then I thought. Not sure what people living there are thinking, of course govt is busy scaming.

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