Pakistan and China

By | January 6, 2011

News is that India is worried about China’s growing influence in Pakistan. I have no clue why. This is excellent news for India.

For one, Pakistan could hardly be worse about India in any case. What does it matter who its allies are? Whether China allies or not, Pakistan will do its job for it anyway.

On the other hand, if India was concerned about China, increased closeness with Pakistan is going to be very good for us, because considering the amount of extremism and turmoil happening in Pakistan, China is soon going to find itself with more it can handle. In other words, it is going to develop an appreciation for what we went through as well as be too busy to mess with us. I wouldn’t mind betting that within a couple of decades, China sides with India to get some leverage with Pakistan (much like the US is doing) – carrot and stick.

All India needs to do is riot control on our borders and well…. if there is war…. I guess we have to be ready, but that is pretty much how it always was.

On the other hand, Chinese influence and the feedback from the local population is going to do more to change Kashmiri minds than India ever could. Gilgit is already uneasy. Wait till they really embrace. Geelani will discover that India is not so bad after all.

US had once imagined that Pakistan with all its influence over Muslim extremists and terrorists would be a valuable ally in Afghanistan. Look how well that turned out. China is interested in terrorists in China being controlled through Pakistan. No points for completing that line of thought.

So, if all is rosy, what is important for India, right now?

For India, it is important to learn from the mistakes of what we see unfolding rather than invest in them all over ourselves as well. Most of these hassles are happening when foreign policy is ruling national decisions. US has an interest in Afghanistan, it kept making decisions based on that at the cost of the country. China is concerned about access to the world and India, so it is taking a risk opening its culture to mingling with militant extremism.

Fortunately, Indian foreign policy began with strong roots in our non-alignment policy. We are still pretty much like that, though verging on selling our souls to the US. We need to continue to make our foreign policy decisions firmly based on India’s interests rather than looking to manipulate happenings for other countries.

Manipulation creates messes is the moral of this story for us.

That said, we can quit worrying and watch as our two biggest concerns on our borders take care of each other for us.

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