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Ethics of war

As I read the Wikileaks and newspapers on Kashmir and a hundred other places, one big thing stands out. Where the human rights suffer, the wars are exercises in frustration. An Army hurting civilians is an Army actively creating enemies…


Stop War and Start Tennis

At a time when Indo-Pak anything seems to be depressing under an onslaught of undesirable stuff, “The Indo-Pak Express” as the tennis duo Rohan and Aisam from India and Pakistan respectively come as a refreshing shock as you blink in…

General Hindutva Radicalization Religion and Phiosophy

Terrorism in India

Image via Wikipedia B. Raman has written an outstanding summary of an apparently outstanding debate hosted by Barkha Dutt on the subject of Saffron terrorism. What I liked was his way of stating the perspectives of both sides in a…


Peddling God

I had never thought that I would criticize aid coming into Pakistani flood victims. When I read about banned organizations offering aid, my first thought was “Great! All help welcome.” I got the reasoning about why they should be banned,…


Strategy for dealing with stone pelting

Okay, so these teens insist they are attacking only the armed forces. Why not send a bunch of civilian volunteers to talk? Journalists, general adrenaline addicts… people who understand that there is a risk, but are willing to take it…