A Radioactive Silence

“Uraniam found in 241 water samples” the headline could have screamed, but it didn’t. It made modest appearance and slid into obscurity, unheralded on the news site’s social networks. This was Times of India reporting on drinking water samples from Punjab as reported by chief engineer, department of water supply and sanitation in the High… Read More »

How I got interested in farmer suicides

In 2006, I attended an event of ISABS. I had just returned to Mumbai after spending several years in the mountains, and was still missing rural life. So when the community turned out to have two activists from rural Andhra Pradesh, who also happened to share the room next to mine, I tended to prefer… Read More »

Railway accidents and incompetence

This is going to be short. See this page. It is about railway accidents in India. It records accidents from the 1980s to now. No need even for details. Just scroll down the page, and get an idea of the size of each year’s entries. 2010 and 2011 are massive lists. Cut to present tense.… Read More »