Vidyut’s List of Ministers

Was just thinking about what kind of “ministers” we need to have…. and came up with this spoof list. Many of it aren’t even politicians, ok? Also note that the meanings of a few Ministries may have been mangled beyond their original definitions. Couldn’t resist. It is more like a list of people whom I… Read More »

Some thoughts on Pakistan and Independent Kashmir

When I wrote my post on Kashmiri Pandits, a friend responded privately with a nugget of political insight – before the ethnic cleansing, Kashmiri Pandits did favor independence over merger with India. If that is true, then Pakistan did Kashmir a grave disservice by sponsoring the butchers who devastated them and turned them firmly pro-India.… Read More »

A Radioactive Silence

“Uraniam found in 241 water samples” the headline could have screamed, but it didn’t. It made modest appearance and slid into obscurity, unheralded on the news site’s social networks. This was Times of India reporting on drinking water samples from Punjab as reported by chief engineer, department of water supply and sanitation in the High… Read More »

How I got interested in farmer suicides

In 2006, I attended an event of ISABS. I had just returned to Mumbai after spending several years in the mountains, and was still missing rural life. So when the community turned out to have two activists from rural Andhra Pradesh, who also happened to share the room next to mine, I tended to prefer… Read More »