Our Missile System… Can Be Fired in Only 10 Minutes

Call me ignorant, but THIS is Pakistan’s idea of peace? What in the world do they have to be preparing and parading their nukes about?

Mumbai gets attacked, held hostage; India is devastated; proofs emerge that LeT is involved; Pakistan remains stubbornly blind as usual; Zardari pleads that even if its Lashkar, not to strike Pak; India is talking talks and not war; so what in the world does Pakistan’s nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand mean when he says in an interview, “Every Indian city is on the target of our missiles, and [Pakistan’s]
atomic technology is better than that of India. [We] can fire the
missiles at only 10 minutes’ notice….. Being a small nation, if we abandon the option… to launch a nuclear
attack, then there won’t be any use of the second option. This way you
end one advantage… “

This irresponsible peacock strutting nuclear weapons in context with two countries in seriously bad moods is actually Pakistan’s nuclear scientist???!!!???

And what in the world is that stupid advantage? Pull a stunt like that, and Pakistan will be blown off the face of the earth in retaliation. Forget India. Every rational country in the world will dedicate itself to getting rid of this menace. Wait. Isn’t that what they already want to do?

Read the damn interview. Is the man insane? He is speaking in this inflammed situation about employing nuclear strikes against a country his countrymen have wronged?

Am I the only one to find this bloodthirsty and bizarre at the same time?

BTW, isn’t the whole idea of threatening/harming innocents and civilians what terrorism is about?

Gives me the creeps to know that there are whackos like this capable of launching a nuclear attack on India in ten minutes. Regardless of what he thinks, it doesn’t sound like “Pakistan’s nuclear assets are in safe hands.” like he says.

You know what, the more this situation unfolds, the more it occurs to me that Pakistan actually wants a war as its ticket out of the War on Terror. The Mumbai attacks didn’t do it, there was abundant proof leading back to Pakistan, but Pakistan just showed disbelief, on one end it said not to strike, on another, it pretty much invited it by refusing to catch and deport the criminals India wanted nabbed.

When all this failed, because India didn’t move toward aggression, we have their nuclear scientist talking of bombing every city in India (not that I think they actually can). If we don’t react to this, it will be something else someone says (without actually attacking), or another terrorist attack. Basically, the war against terror has started hitting too close to home, and they are desperate to do something, anything to make it stop, even sending their own troops into war.

I just get this feeling that this is one failed state desperately trying to say anything that will get it out of a tight spot and do anything that will keep the illusion of functionality for a moment longer.

Actually, what I think India should do is just ignore all the talk for a bit and work with optional ways of getting the LeT guys.

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One thought on “Our Missile System… Can Be Fired in Only 10 Minutes

  1. India always has an upper hand when it comes to military.you can rest assured because most of our military and nuke weapon details are kept secret.under no circumstances our scientists will boast like this.Pakistan has very few cities and we have abundant nukes[much more than what they think we have].thier cities are alighned in such a way that if one nuclear weapon is dropped in each city the whole population will be wiped off.But india will never opt for such a terrible decision.

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