Oppression at its subtle finest

As the news brings up issues like oppression and colonization and human rights, it occurs to me that the worst kind of oppression is one rarely noticed – adopting foreign standards and disowning most of what is our own. Once we do that, we see nothing wrong in imposing our standards on others – after all, isn’t it how its supposed to be and haven’t I learned only from the best?

I am mourning the loss of Indianness in a maze of steel and glass. What wouldn’t I give to see apprenticeships flourish, heriditary professions find new roots, businesses be okay to serve buttermilk at meetings in the summer or have healthy feet by removing footwear at the entrance, or a loooong cowtail of oiled hair with a garland of flowers be considered beautiful again…. I often wonder at the pointless excellence of modern life and the templates of people and life itself that seem to be proliferating under the guise of individuals.

Surely it isn’t right that the Indians who crap squatting on the rims of western toilets in 5 star hotels still think installing a western toilet in their home is the more sophisticated choice?

Why is bigamy illegal in a land where Dasharatha had three wives (among other epic personalities), Muslims can have up to four wives at a time, Polyandry sustained meagre resources in our high altitude deserts from being divided into tiny, useless pieces?

Why do we think twice before investing a couple of hours of our time, evaluating if it will be worth it, but think nothing of sending kids to school, where we invest ten years of their life to make templates filled with useless standardized information out of what should be their most free years?

Why do people wear ties?

Why is begging bad?

Why do children have no human rights?

Where do these notions of good and bad come from, and why do we feel compelled to follow them blindly?

Among other adoptions of strange, alien notions of what is good and bad….

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