Online payment of MTNL Bills

By | April 12, 2008

I have discovered something extremely alarming about the online MTNL bill Payment by Debit Card (or Credit Card). If you use a credit card to pay your MTNL bills online, please note that it is not a fast and convenient way as one would assume. Apparently, clearing up your bill will debit your card immediately, but takes 7 days to reflect in your MTNL account, so in the meanwhile, if some smart guy there decides to disconnect your phone, its a communication exercise for a week to get it started again.

From the conversations we are having with their help desk, regardless of the reason for disconnecting your phone, to restart it with negotiations and you begging every step of the way, it will take a week, and otherwise, it will take seven days.

It happens only in these government institutions where an online payment is slower than a cheque being deposited. Talk about sarkari inefficiency!!! Their whole attitude with this tone of inevitability reminds me of my nephews bedwetting problems as a child, where he was very sorry for peeing in the night, but he couldn’t help it. Luckily, with age, he grew out of it, while these institutions are only developing more and more excuses to be able to use the word “sorry”. “Sorry for disconnecting the phone, sorry for your discomfort and it will be started within a week!”

So folks, before any of you go through this pain, please remember that if you need to pay an MTNL bill in a hurry, DON’T use the online payment. It may sound instant, but it is not – the ancient organization hasn’t yet figured out about life in the 21st century and credit cards and stuff. They probably think that it is a magic trick or something and you are fooling them when you say you have paid instantly. How could such a thing be possible?

To make things work fast, you have to pay like you would 40 years ago – go to an ATM, withdraw cash, drop everything you are doing to be able to land in their payment centre in office timings, hand over cash and stand there while they immediately get your phone started again.

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