On relationships

Two minds meet… interact. Its intense. Then, they find new things. The person who is last to move on is left with the awareness that he is one of the hundreds of followers of a bright precious star. Just as that star was one of his hundreds of followers, unrealized.

The only truth is that the moment has passed.

Relationships are an understanding, an arrangement of moments of connection stringed together.

And there are relationships that are circumstantial, largely based on roles.

I find that I value the ones I choose more than the ones that are not of my doing. I gravitate to people who inspire me, and chase those rainbows of connection…

At any given time, I have a few chat windows open, people having a quick comment, a share, as we go on with our respective lives. Most I don’t answer at all. I read. Not inclined to talk right now. Others, I may drop everything to follow. And, these things are evolving, shifting, changing. Sometimes, I want only online relationships. Other times, I want the tangible presence of a friend and don’t trust the anonymity of the net.

Two people commented separately that this wasn’t moral/fair. And I replied:

The morality or lack of it is your business. Its not a scale that holds importance for me, in the sense you mean it.

I love thousands and thousands of people. Some of them are male, some female, some of a less easily defined gender. Some are not human, some are not even alive. I refuse to downsize this list of enriching confluences because someone sits with a list of acceptable loves, and a prescribed number.

I also refuse to relate with people based on quotas and timetables.

To recommend that I do so is impolite. To nag that I do is futile.

These were spontaneous friendships that emerged out of discussion on some subject we were passionate about and her wish was that I do not act with others as I did with her. His was that I “tell him everything”.

Huh? Why should she be a special case at the cost of others I care about? If the world is not trustworthy, then why should I trust her?

Huh? I breathed a minute ago, then a couple of seconds after that, then a couple of seconds again, as I thought how stupid it is to notice “everything” let alone report it to some psycho. So, if you are interested, you follow. You stray for a while, you catch up. If you miss, it is not my job to change your diapers. I am certainly not going to tell you individually when I do something. I have a life, not an observation center.

It isn’t love if your first thought is to cage, dictate, and change the person.

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Vidyut is a blogger on issues of National interest. Staunch advocate of rights, learning and freedoms. @Vidyut

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