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I am ***** who had contacted you few days back.Presently I am in a bit of legal confusion.

I had filed a maintainence against my father recently.I had filed a civil suit under section 20 of hindu adoption and maintainence Act.This case has not started yet.Presently I am getting maintainence from a case which my mother had done on my behalf in 2005.I am getting Rs 1500 as maintainence.But my father has many properties in kolkata.Hence I filed the civil case to get an injunction on the properties.But the problem is that two maintainence cant run together.

I consulted many lawyers everywhere,even on internet.But most of them are of the opinion that I should continue with sec 125.But under this,I dont get any charge of his properties.So before deciding finally,I wanted some opinions.I am very confused.I have to take a decision in a week’s time.

I would be very grateful to you if you could kindly help me gather some more legal opinion or if you could put it in your blog,where I can get a wider opinion.

Hope I am able to decide on this.As it is,some lawyers have told me that in some cases,adult daughters dont get maintainence.

Thanking you,

[name withheld on request]

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