Per Capita Availability of Foodgrains and Other Essentials – Analysis friendly

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The following information has been compiled by combining three tables from the 2010 agricultural statistics data and the 2003 data (the 2010 skips years before 1990).

*I found an error in the 2010 data, where for the year 1976, the availability per annum of cereals is written as 13.8 – which is a fraction of the other years, and the correct figure of 136.8 was available in the 2003 data, which has been used here.

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1 -The net availability of foodgrains is estimated to be Gross Production (-) seed, feed & wastage, (-) exports (+) imports, ‘(+/-) change in stocks.

2 -The net availability of foodgrains divided by the population estimates for a particular year indicate per capita availability of foodgrains in terms of kg/year. Net availability, thus worked out further divided by the number of days in a year I.e., 365 days gives us net availability of foodgrains in terms of grams / day.

3 -Figures in respect of per capita net availability given above are not strictly representative of actual level of consumption in the country especially as they do not take in to account any change in stocks in possession of traders, and consumers.

4 -For calculation of per capita net availability the figures of net imports from 1981 to 1994 are based on imports and exports on Government of India account only. Net imports from 1995 ownwards are the total exports and imports (on Government as well as private accounts)

5 -Cereals includes rice,wheat and other cereals

6 -Pulses includes all kharif and rabi pulses

7 -Foodgrains includes rice, wheat,other cereals and all pulses

Source: Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation.

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